Callouses From Working Out – Scrub, Scrape, and Pray

Callouses From Working Out – Scrub, Scrape, and Pray


Video Demo:  If there’s one thing I can leave this earth knowing for certain, it will be that I had some small part in dispelling the myth that Calluses from Working Out are cool.  Not only are they physically unappealing, but they are a medical condition, and should be treated as such!

What Are Calluses

Callosity is the medical terminology which describes the thickening and hardening of skin caused by excess pressure and friction.

The outermost layer of skin called the Stratum Corneum becomes a hard protective layer by the process of keratin deposition (keratinisation)…This excess deposition may happen either locally or in a diffuse manner depending upon individual tendencies and the nature of stresses involved.¹

Calluses can form anywhere on the skin where excess pressure and friction is constant.  Therefore Calluses from working out are common on the palms, fingers and hand pads.  Calluses and bodybuilding seem to go hand in hand (no pun intended).  That’s not because bodybuilders have more muscle, it’s because they’re causing more friction against the skin.
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How To Remove Calluses

Calluses and Bodybuilding

1. Soak and Scrub.  Soaking your hands in a bath of warm water alone, or with Epsom salt added will soften the skin.  After about 10 minutes, gently scrub the calluses with a pumice stone.

Get Rid of Calluses

2. Scrape and Pray.  If you really got some doozies you can pick up a callus / corn scraper at your local drug store.  Be careful!  These callus scrapers and shavers are sharp.  Because it’s likely that the skin is already dried and rough, you can easily draw blood which you don’t want.

Calluses From Working Out

Prevention is key!  The best way to treat calluses is not to get them in the first place!  Lot’s of companies (like GymPaws®) have taken great time and measure to produce workout gloves and weight lifting grips that are functional for bodybuilding, strength training and Crossfit style bootcamp / circuit training.

Find Good Hand Protection

♠  Look for hand protection that is made from 100% Leather.  It will be the most durable material.

♠  Try to find gloves that offer protection, without too much padding.  When you start getting into some of the bulkier gym gloves with wrist straps and such, they may start to inhibit movement.

♠  While you can’t really “try it before you buy it” when it comes to workout gloves, with a limited few manufacturers you can return them after you’ve given them a test drive in the gym.  GymPaws® offers a 100% No Hassle Satisfaction Guarantee because we want you to try our gloves and grips!

¹Shah, Dr. Rajesh MD, “Dr. Rajesh Shah’s Advice on Callosities” (Retrieved Jan 2015)