Barehand Gloves Grips or Straps

Reviews Are In – Barehand, Gloves, Grips or Straps

Barehand Gloves Grips or Straps

We asked, and nearly seven thousand loyal gymrats, meatheads and Crossfitters responded!  When you workout do you go barehand, use gloves, grips or straps?  You may (or may not) be surprised at what some of these customer reviews have to say!

Barehand, Gloves, Grips. or Straps

We polled 10,000 avid weightlifters, Crossfit fans, and gym goers to see what was their favorite type of hand protection for working out. We weren't all that surprised at what they had to say. 

Barehand – 27% of respondents said that they don't use any type of hand protection for weight training or workouts and prefer to go barehand.  Reviews suggested things like: "I prefer to feel the weight in my hands," "Gloves get in the way," "My hands get too sweaty to use anything especially when I'm dripping wet after a Crossfit WOD. 

Workout Gloves –  39% of the customer reviews and comments showed that a lot of people are still using traditional old school bodybuilder gloves.  They liked that they can avoid getting calluses and dry skin, but they did mention A LOT that they really didn't like when the gym gloves are too bulky, overly padded, or too warm.

Barehand Gloves Grips or Straps

Weightlifting Grips –  25% told us that they like using weight lifting grips for Crossfit or their gym routines.  They liked the idea of not having a big bulky glove to get in the way of HIIT (High intensity interval training) workouts, but it still offered them adequate hand protection.  Most of the reviews said that they usually lost them, or didn't like that they fell off in between exercises. 

Weightlifting Straps – The remaining 9% of those surveyed said they like using their weightlifting straps.  To be fair, from both the guys and girls, reviews told us that barehand or gloves aren't used during their normal workout, they just use lifting straps for heavy lifts like deadlifts, snatches or squats. 

GymPaws® are the Original Leather Lifting Grip and Alternative to Gym Gloves

Reviews and Comments

Barehand reviews told us that you don't like wearing anything.  GymPaws are compact and fit right in the palm of your hands. 

Gloves users hated how hot and sweaty their hands get.  Because of the unique design of GymPaws they allow maximum air circulation.  No more sweaty hands!

Grips reviewers were annoyed that they kept losing their grips or that they didn't stay in place.  GymPaws have 4 finger loops to keep them in place through your whole workout!

Weightlifting Straps and gloves or grips or barehand really aren't interchangeable to be honest.  Straps are used for heavy lifts and usually not used for many other exercises in the gym. 

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Whatever type of hand protection you decide to use, read the customer reviews thoroughly and look for those that mention specific workouts, exercises or uses. 

This is kind of a funny review video a personal trainer sent us!