Build A Personal Trainer Gift Basket - Minus Caffiene

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Build A Personal Trainer Gift Basket

Build A Personal Trainer Gift Basket

How to build a Personal Trainer Gift Basket | You sweat, complain, dish, and probably spend more time with your Personal Trainer than any one else when it comes to exercise and fitness. They spend even more time in the gym than the couple hours spent with you and your workout.  When it comes time for Christmas gifts or presents (or a gift for any time of the year for that matter) what do you give this person who's dedicated so much time towards you?  Here are a couple of ideas from our team of Personal Trainers here at GymPaws®.

Build A Personal Trainer Gift Basket

There are a couple of things to consider before you embark on your shopping trip (or log onto Amazon or wheverever you are going to shop.)

Fitness Gift Basket Ideas

  1. Is your fitness traininer male or female? (If you don't know then you can skip down to the next paragraph). 
  2. What does your trainer or coach like to do outside of the gym?
  3. Do they have any hobbies?
  4. What are their workout goals?

Of course one of the easist gifts for someone who works out is a pair of gym gloves, but you can't just get any old pair.  Most gloves come in most sizes and shapes than there are butts in the gym.  That's why GymPaws® Original Weight Lifting Grips are perfect.  They're unisex in size and color and can be appreciated by anyone into the gym, Crossfit, weight lifting, bodybuilding, kettlebells or fitness. 

Fitness Gift Basket Ideas

Here are couple more ideas as you build a personal trainer gift basket:

  • Starbucks or coffee giftcard - Most trainers consume and ungodly amount of caffiene.  They have to stay away and motivated and listen to all the b.s. in the gym aside from your sessions. 
  • Workout or weightlifting supplements - You really can't go wrong here.  There are constantly new products being released.  Get them a sampler of cool protein powders or vitamins.  (btw we have a great review on 1st Phorm Level 1 Protein here and we're not involved with them in any way.)
  • Something that deals with sleep - We know you NEVER would have thought about this one!  Personal Trainers spend a ton of time in the gym, not just for your workout, but for theirs and likely dozens of other clients.  Don't forget that sometimes their day starts at 5 am and sometimes can go till midnight. Trainers are often looking for quick naps and ways they can sleep better. The caffiene they consume doesn't help matters much either.  A great sleep pillow or sleep mask is a great idea! 



ACE® Certified Personal Trainer and bonafide Gym Rat.  My love of the Fitness Industry  culminated in the creation of GymPaws® Inc.  These are my posts... Some are informative and some are just fun. All are worth reading!

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