Best Gym Glove Brand

Best Gym Gloves Brand

Best Gym Glove Brand

When you go to the gym you have your favorite exercises.  Before you even head there you put on a favorite pair of gym shoes or workout clothes, usually it’s a brand that you’ve worn for years.  But when it comes to gym or crossfit hand protection, few people give it a second thought.  They just buy whatever online.  That’s not good.  We’re going to answer the question, what is the best gym gloves brand in a few bullet points.

What Is The Best Gym Gloves Brand?


We would be remiss if we didn’t mention GymPaws on our own blog. In 2014 Attitude Magazine ranked GymPaws as the #1 Coolest Gym Gloves and in 2015 ranked us as the number one Best Men’s Weightlifting Gloves based on real customer reviews online! In 2016 GymPaws Original Leather Weight Lifting Grips were the ONLY workout product approved by the California Department of Corrections for inmates to purchase and use!

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Why should you care that 100’s of thousands of inmates are allowed to purchase GymPaws Hand Pads?  After over two years of rigorous testing, the state of California determined that our product was the most durable!  It couldn’t be torn apart and better yet, it was the most durable.  If that doesn’t asnwer what is the best gym gloves brand, then I don’t know what does!

Harbinger Brand Gym Gloves

The oldest brand online. 

They are one of the pioneers in the exercise, bodybuilding, and fitness industry.  In the last century they started producing some of the best selling gym gloves and fitness products ever!  Unfortunately their innovation and creativity is probably just as old. They make great products, but it’s nothing new (literally).

Valeo Brand Gym Gloves

Valeo weight lifting gloves have been around since the 90’s as well.  They produce a similar product to Harbinger and about the same price point.  They’re definitely not as well known or purchased, but they’re not a bad brand!

At GymPaws Inc we’re proud of the fact that our team includes Certified Personal Trainers, Professional Athletes, Bodybuilders, Exercise Physiologists, Sport Specific Trainers, and Crossfit Coaches.  We make products for performance over profit.  Read the customer reviews!  All you have to do is search for @gympaws on any social media platform to see videos and pictures from tons of our cool customers.  The Best Gym Gloves Brand speaks for itself! 

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