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Is The Tug Toner A Real Product?

Social media is really quite amazing if you think about it.  Just 10 years ago we were still getting the majority of our daily news via cable television and good ole fashioned newspaper. If we wanted a new workout or exercise to do in the gym, we walked into a location and spoke with a Personal Trainer.  In 2017 our world is vastly different.  More of you are asking Is The Tug Toner A Real Product  now than a couple of year ago when it "debuted" on the Jimmy Kimmel show supposedly available at Walgreens. We already know that the millennials generation is gleaning their world news from social media platforms and via smart phones moreso than TV's, but come on people!  The term "fake news" has become a daily utterance for a reason, because people will believe and follow just about anything that sounds appealing to them!

Is The Tug Toner A Real Product?

Tug Toner Video Online

The Tug Toner debuted a few years ago as a comical spoof of those infamous late night infomercials where you can buy anything from a Sham Wow to a flexible garden hose.  These information commercials have become nearly obsolete for the millennial generation, as they tend to not take their eyes off their phone for more than a few seconds at a time.  Considering the fact that most online media uses some sort of smart technology with cookies, it's not surprising that some of you are still looking for where to buy a tug toner online.  (btw we gave you the answer a couple of months ago ( )

Tug Toner Your Way To The Gym For A Workout

Just yesterday a multi country study was released that discovered over 1/3 of the world's population is OBESE.  Not chubby, not a bit overweight, but OBESE.  This is a medical epidemic, and our sedentary lifestyles are to blame.  Being overweight accounts for over 60% of illnesses including everything from heart disease to cancers.  You HAVE to go to the gym people!  It doesn't matter if you chat with your neighbor Mary for 20 minutes while you're on the treadmill, or you visit the weight lifting room for 10 minutes .  Get the heck out of the house, off your butt, and stop searching for stupid things like is the tug toner a real product!!!

Where Can I Buy A Tug Toner

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