Best Gym Gloves for Crossfit

2017 Best Gym And Workout Apps and Tech

Any Personal Trainer will tell you that keeping track of your fitness goals, gym workout, and nutrition is key to achieving your goals.  Whether you're using these fitness apps and gadgets to motivate yourself to get to hit the weight room or Crossfit box or exploring them to help optimize your current routine, the effort is well worth the payoff.  2017 best gym and workout apps and tech. 

2017 Fitness Goals

2017 Best Gym Gloves

Nine months ago you may have been one of millions who made a New Year's Resolution to challenge yourself with a new fitness workout or better diet. Studies tell us that by April, nearly 60% of Americans will have abandoned these new found goals.  Even other studies however tell us that a workout buddy (swolemate), apps, a Personal Trainer, tech or even GymPaws® ( 2017 best gym gloves) can make you adhere to your workout.  So let's sort the best from the rest:

2017 Best Gym and Workout Apps and Tech

Best Gym Gloves 2017

Skulpt Scanner For Body Fat and Lean Muscle Composition

Skulpt Scanner Review

For just $99 you can have a hand held Body Composition scanner that determines your body fat percentage and lean body mass. Combined with the fitness app available from Skulpt Scanner this is a pretty cool tool to have in your arsenal of gear. Keep in mind that when using these body fat or muscle mass scales or scanners, the most important thing is to use the same one consistently. They're certainly not 100% accurate, but if you compare readings, you will be able to determine progress. 

TomTom Spark 3 Fitness Watch

TomTom Spark 3 Review

TomTom is one of the leaders of fitness watches and apps, while most of us are familiar with them for their GPS tech gadgets.  This is one of the best fitness trackers you can use in the gym.  It tracks your heard rate, calories burned, time, distance and GPS among other things.  The convenient app downloaded on your smartphone make it easy to track your gym or workout goals and progress. 

GymPaws® 2017 Best Gym Gloves

2017 Best Gym Gloves

Of course we're going to promote our own product.  Hundreds of fitness blogs worldwide have called our Original GymPaws Leather Weightlifting Grip one of the best workout gloves, and this year we were excited to top the list of many as 2017 Best Gym Gloves.  Here's why:

100% Genuine Leather (slightly padded) Palm – Not the cheap synthetic fabric and faux leather materials that 99% of fitness gear manufacturers use. 

4 Finger Loops – You have four fingers, you should have a place for them.  The ergonomic design means these won't bunch up or slip off. 

Military Grade Neoprene – This isn't the stuff your computer mouse pad is made of.  We use the highest tech military grade neoprene for our grips.  The same stuff used for high end scuba gear, which means they're water resistant and GREAT for those who suffer from sweaty hands. 

This is just the first three recommendations we have for our 2017 Best Gym and Workout Apps and Tech list.  Check them out on Amazon, and read the customer reviews, but most importantly stay focused on your goals!