Summer Workout Gloves

Summer Workout Gloves

Summer Workout Gloves

2016 is showing us just how hot it can get.  On this the first full day of summer millions of us are battling record breaking heat.  While you may not fee motivated to hit the gym to get your workout on, don't let the heat get you beat! Whether you're hitting your exercise and fitness routine outside or weightlifting inside, you'll appreciate a pair of summer workout gloves for sweaty hands that help you get the most out of your workout. 

Summer Workout Gloves

GymPaws weightlifting grip pads are unlike most of the impostors you can buy online.  These are the alternative to gym gloves. You get all the benefits of a traditional half finger weightlifting glove without all the bulky excess material that you really don't need!  Think about it, when was the last time you tried to do pull ups, a deadlift, or biceps curls with the BACK of your hands?!  GymPaws Lifting Grips give you protection against friction causing calluses right where you need it and not wear you don't. 

GymPaws gym gloves are made from 100% genuine Cowhide leather.  Most grip pads are made from synthetic rubbery material that stick to the metal of the weight or pull ups bar which causes them to tear apart.  With real leather you don't have to worry about this, and in addition leather is the most durable material for exercise and fitness equipment and gear. 

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The reason GymPaws are the best summer workout gloves is the unique design!  4 finger loops keep the grips in place which makes them fit like a glove!  They won't fall off or get lost like gripads or other grips.  Not to mention that we use the same military grade Neoprene that is used for scuba diving gear.  Sweat is naturally wicked away from the skin, which makes them perfect for those of us that tend to get sweaty hands… especially during the hotter than normal summer workout months!

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We have 100% Satisfaction guarantee on all of our products.  We are the sole manufacturer AND distributor of all GymPaws products.  With our team of Certified Personal Trainers, Fitness Professionals, and Exercise Physiologists, you can be assured that we're not some no name company, we design products for performance over profit!

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