Pot Leaf Apparel – Dude, Where’r My Calluses

Best Mens Weight Lifting Gloves and Lifting GripsYou asked, and we answered! The NEW GymPaws® Pot Leaf Lifting Grips are here!

We can promise that they’re the best lifting grips you’ll ever own, we just can’t promise you’ll remember where you left them!

GymPaws® customers and fans worldwide told us that they wanted to see our version of a Camouflage Gym Glove.  We made it happen.  Then they voted the Pot Leaf Lifting Grip to be the latest design, and here it is.

While we have to admit that we weren’t sure about making a presence in the Pot Leaf Apparel market, we were sure that our customers know what they’re talking about!  We appreciate all your Gym Gloves Reviews, social media comments, and feedback.  It helps us make a better product and allows us to connect with our customers directly!

Pot Leaf Apparel Weight Lifting Grips

A fun gym glove alternative that means serious business!  Working out is… well, work.  But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun!  You voted GymPaws® as the Best Weight Lifting Gloves for a reason!

–  100% Genuine Leather Palm for maximum durability and protection against friction causing calluses.   These won’t tear apart like rubbery grip pads do.

–  Military Grade Threaded Double Stitching.  These won’t fall apart after a couple of uses.  Whether you’re a CrossFit fan tearin up your #wod or a bodybuilder throwin’ down in the weight room. GymPaws® can take it!

– 4 Finger Loops.  The last time we checked, we had 4 fingers on each hand.  So why would you use a lifting grip that didn’t have 4 Finger Loops to keep them in place.

GymPaws® fit like a Gym Glove without all the extra bulky material.

–  Hydrophobic Neoprene.  They won’t absorb sweat and are virtually moisture resistant.  You can toss em right in the wash machine and dryer along with your sweaty gym clothes!

GymPaws® are perfect for everyone from the serious GymRat to the part time gym goer.  From the heaviest lifts, to the sweatiest circuit workouts they stay where they’re supposed to – and do their job!

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