What Is A Swolemate #swole

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What Is A Swolemate

What Is A Swolemate

Swolemate Meaning

Like most hashtags out there #swole or swolemate is kinda of stupid word.  Nevertheless it's become a pretty common slang term tossed around on social media by workout or weightlifting fanatics.  What IS a swolemate exactly?

Swolemate Meaning

The definition of swolemate is pretty self-explanatory.  It's a play on the word soul mate.  Swole refers to the pump you get from working out.  The blood and nutrients that are immediately pumped into a muscle as it is being worked out from weight training creates a temporary fullness, making the muscle appear swollen or swole.

What Is A Swolemate

Swolemate Definition

A soul mate is someone for whom you have great affection or love, and a swolemate is basically your workout buddy. 


How Do You Find A Swolemate

Well if you don't already have someone to workout with, you may want to start looking for someone at the gym.  It could be as simple as approaching someone and asking them to show you how to do the exercise they're doing, or maybe even asking them what other workouts or exercises they like for a specific body part.

Swole Mate Meaning

The benefits of weightlifting aren't even worth discussing here... because you already know what they are.  However you may not know the benefits of having a swolemate!  A workout partner can help you adhere to your fitness or exercise goals.  They can be a source of inspiration or even motivation.  They are the person to whom you are accountable.  Your personal trainer should be the person who's expertise you rely on, they shouldn't be your motivation to get to the gym!

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