Best Kettlebell Workout Gloves 2017

Interesting Facts About Kettlebells

Best Kettlebell Workout Gloves 2017

They're not used enough in the gym, and sometimes you can't even find them in the weight training room, but Kettlebells are one of the best pieces of equipment you can use!  For years GymPaws® Original Leather Lifting Grips have been rated one of the best Kettlebell Workout Gloves by those who know how efficient these strange little molded weights can be.  Here's some interesting facts you didn't know about Kettlebells. 

What Is A Kettlebell?

Resembling a cannonball with a handle, kettlebells are usually made of cast iron or cast steel.  Newer innovations can include portable sand filled weights or even plastic molded bells, but the most common in gyms and Crossfit boxes is the standard cast iron variation. 

Kettlebells were originally designed in Russian in the 1700's as a counter weight to weigh crops.  The story goes that the farmers who used them were becoming stronger due to swinging around the weights, that they began showing off their feats of strength at local farmers markets and festivals! In the 20th century Russia and other countries in Europe started incorporating kettlebell workouts into the conditioning routines of their armed forces. 

Unlike a dumbbell, the Kettlebell greats an uneven force when used properly because of the swinging motion used to move them.  This especially helps to strengthen the muscles of the fingers, hands, and forearms, which ultimately increases grip strength. 

GymPaws Kettlebell Gloves

Best Kettlebell Workout Gloves 2017

If you've ever incorporated a kettlebell workout into your weightlifting routine you're familiar with how challenging they can be.  GymPaws® leather weight lifting grips have become a favorite for those who challenge themselves with conquering these little beasts.  The slightly padded leather palm offers hand protection and enhances grip, while still allowing the metal handle of the bell to rotate naturally within your grip.  The four finger loop backing ensure that the grips fit like a glove, without the excess bulky material of traditional workout gloves. 

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