What are the best gloves for crossfit? Try Gym Paws.

What Are The Best Gloves For Crossfit

What are the best gloves for crossfitAt one point or another a Personal Trainer or CrossFit coach is going to be asked, ” What are the best gloves for Crossfit?”  Afterall, no one wants to tear up their hands or walk around with thick callused mitts!  Whether you’re trying to slam out a couple more knees to elbows, you’re conquering the salmon ladder or shimmying your way up the climbing ropes – finding the best hand protection that you’re most comfortable with is key.

So with all the options out there, what’s the difference, and what ARE the best gloves for crossfit athletes?

Here’s the breakdown:

Fit Four Gloves

Constructed of Neoprene fabric, these little gems slide onto your hands like a pair of great fitting jeans.  If the option is grabbing onto that pull up bar with raw skin or having a piece of fabric between you and the bar – then fit four gloves might be a good choice.  I wouldn’t recommend these to replace a pair of weight lifting gloves however, because they don’t protect the palms of your hands.

Grip Pads

Again, Grip Pads are constructed of Neoprene fabric.  The difference between Fit Four Gloves for Crossfit Athletes and GripPads Gym Grips isn’t all that noticeable.  With Grip Pads you simply slide your fingers into the finger loops on the back of the pad.  ThWhat are the best gloves for crossfit?  Try Gym Paws. e only issue with these, is there are only three finger loops, and of course you use all four fingers (and the palm of your hands) when weight lifting or busting thru your #wod.

Power Pads

These lil gems are made from a rubber like material and are designed to cushion the pressure you feel when weight lifting.  The main issue with these is that they don’t allow for natural hand rotation.  Whether you’re lifting a barbell or sweatin thru your Kipping Pull Ups, you need some movement around the bar.


The best thing about GymPaws and why so many customers have decided they’re the best gloves for crossfit – is that they’re made from real leather.  Not only does this mean that they’ll stand up to the toughest workouts, but they’ll actually last.  Secondly, the Neoprene backing wicks away sweat and most noticeably the four finger loops keep them in place.