Womens Crossfit Gloves Reviews

Womens Crossfit Gloves Reviews

Women's Crossfit Gloves ReviewsThink all workout gloves or gym gloves are good for crossfit workouts?  Think again!  There are tons of Womens Crossfit Gloves Reviews online… all you gotta do is do your homework!  When you’re reading reviews on shopping sites like Amazon and eBay or etsy, pay attention to the actual reviews.  Here are some things to look for:

Womens Crossfit Gloves Reviews

1. Date.  This is important because you need to know when the review was left and if the merchant or website is being updated regularly.  A review that’s 2 years old may not be applicible anymore if the product has changed or modifications have been made to it etc.,

2.Verified Purchase. On Amazon a Verified Purchase means that the customer leaving the review actually purchased the product on Amazon.  Why does this matter?  Lot’s of shady merchants on Amazon will pay people to leave fake reviews in the hope that customers will be duped into trying their product.

Red Flag Alert: No one is perfect!  If you see a product with zero “negative reviews” that’s a sign of a seller that is paying people to leave “good” reviews.

3. Examples of Exercises.  What good are womens crossfit gloves reviews if they don’t offer any real life examples of how to use them?!  Don’t you want to know if someone else has used their crossfit gloves for Knees To Elbows or Kipping Pull Ups?  Of course you do!

4. Warranty and Return Policy.  Look for merchants like GymPaws® that offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  That means that the company is confident that they’re making a quality product versus a company that just wants to make a quantity of sales.

5.  Wholesale and Direct From Manufacturer. When you’re reading those womens crossfit gloves reviews and checking out the features and benefits of the product, pay attention to who is actually selling the product.  If it’s NOT the company itself, you might want to shy away.  Chances are that the original manufacturer has sold the overstock of their inventory (i.e. products that don’t sell well) to someone else.

Now you can buy you’re new gym gloves right from the GymPaws® website using your Amazon Account.. in addition to PayPal or any major credit card!

Womens Crossfit Gloves Reviews


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