Crossfit hand care and crossfit hand protection

Crossfit Hand Protection

Crossfit hand care and crossfit hand protectionMillions of people around the world have started incorporating bootcamp and circuit style workouts like Crossfit into their healthy lifestyles.   While it may feel create to burn through a #wod or bust out a bootcamp workout, it can be grueling on your hands!  Calluses should NOT be a byproduct of working out.  Crossfit hand protection is a necessity!

What are Callouses Anyway?

Callosity is the technical or medical term for those nasty little hard patches of skin that develop on your hands as a result of working out.  Lot’s of male posturing goes on when it comes to the discussion of crossfit hand protection because guys like to say that callouses are a badge or honor.  They show that you’ve worked out hard.  Those guys are frickin meatheads!  Callouses are you body’s natural defence against excessive pressure and friction.  If and when those dry flaky hands of yours start to tear; you run the risk of infection.  Not only does this pose a health risk… it’s just gross!

Crossfit Hand Care

Moisturize.  If you’re doing exercises like battling ropes, snatches, knees to elbows or pretty much anything else at your crossfit box, your hands are dirty. Of course you wash your hands after your workout as you should, but that will also cause dry flaky skin.  One of the best moisturizers I’ve found is called Udderly Smooth.

I discovered it year ago at my local CVS and I can’t even remember how long I ‘ve been using it.  When you get to the hand cream and moisturizer aisle, look for it in the bottom shelves.  It’s there not because it’s poor quality, but because it’s pretty inexpensive.  I keep this in my gym bag at all times.  It absorbs really fast, doesn’t leave a greasy mess afterwards and it doesn’t have an over powering scent at all!  You can get it on Amazon too.

Crossfit Hand ProtectionCrossfit Grips

The best prevention of callouses it not to get them in the first place!  Duh!   GymPaws® have been one of the top rated crossfit gloves options for over a year now but before you go out and get yourself a pair I want you to set your expectations a bit:

Leather.  GymPaws Lifting Grips are leather.   The only ones on the market that are actually.  Leather is the most durable material because… well it’s leather.  Crossfit Gloves or workout gloves that have a tacky or rubbery grip aren’t good because they don’t allow for natural hand rotation around the bar you’re working with.   READ THAT AGAIN!  You WANT your hands to move around the bar, or rather the bar to rotate within your grip.   If you don’t have natural hand rotation, it’s the same as gluing your hands to the pull ups bar.  Try that out… see how it works for ya.