Best Crossfit Gloves Women

Best Crossfit Gloves Women

best crossfit gloves women, crossfit gloves, pink workout gloves, best workout gloves, lifting grips, gym gripsThe best crossfit gloves women are the ones you’re actually going to use!  The outdated and bulky old bodybuilding gloves made popular in the 80’s and 90’s just aren’t going to cut it for the ladies.   With functional workout routines becoming more popular – like crossfit, kettlebell, and bootcamp – more women are lifting than ever.  Women’s workout gloves don’t have to be restrictive and unsightly.  In fact the opposite is true.  With the advent of the lifting grip, the womens workout glove went from an obnoxious piece of “equipment” to a workout necessity.  What types of exercises would benefit from wearing a crossfit glove? Enter…

Kettlebell Workout

Kettlebell swings – The kettlebell is that weird looking medieval thing lurking in the corner of your gym.  Go over, say hi, pick it up, and get ready to swing!  Let’s already assume you put on best crossfit gloves women (try GymPaws) and you’re ready to start.

  1. Grab the kettlebell with both hands and just let it hang between your legs.   Remember when doing a kettlebell swing, it’s not actually your upper body that’s meant to be worked out here, it’s your lower body.  The thrust actually comes from your hips and butt.  As you lower the weight to the floor by bending your hips, focus on snapping your hips back to the starting position. If done properly your arms should naturally want to swing forward with the weight.

A good pair of crossfit gloves is going to help you maintain control of the weight, offer you a better grip as it wicks away sweat, and help you to avoid those nasty calluses that weight lifting can cause. Another exercise in which you’ll find yourself reaching for your new women’s workout gloves is the basic pull up.  If you don’t think you’re quite in the condition to properly execute a classic dead lift pull up don’t fret the assisted pull up can be just as effective. An assisted pull up is similar to a standard pull up with the exception that your body’s weight is counterbalanced by a weight stack or resistance band.  The advantage of an assisted pull up is that it allows you to concentrate on form versus solely focusing on getting yourself up to the bar.  This is a common mistake with many novice gym goers or those attempting to introduce pull ups into their workout for the first time.