Present For Someone Who Works Out

Present For Someone Who Goes To The Gym

We officially have 102 days until Christmas 2016 and every year we're starting to buy gifts earlier and earlier.  Gift cards are one of the fastest growing options for last minute gifts but they are easily the most generic.  If you need to buy a present for someone who goes to the gym, we've got you covered. Here are the best picks for 2016 for him or her. 

Fitness Gift Ideas

Fitness Gift Basket Ideas

If you're not one yourself, surely you know someone who works out and into exercise and fitness.  Sometimes they can seem like very particular people.  They're the ones who are probably overly concerned with what they eat, how they look, and how much time they spend working out.  With a little thought however you can put together a great fitness gift basket idea at the last minute. 

Present For Someone Who Goes To The Gym

GymPaws® Original Leather Weight Lifting Grips aren't just for those bodybuilders who obsess over weight training for hours a day.  They make great gift ideas for personal trainers or even someone just getting into their workouts. Made from 100% cowhide leather, they're the most durable hand protection you can buy.  Because they are unisex, they are an awesome present for him or her.  Four finger loops mean that these gym grips actually fit like a glove. They're super reasonably priced and make a good last minute gift idea. 

Present For Someone Who Works Out

Workout clothes and other at home exercise equipment isn't really a good gift idea for someone who works out because you really aren't going to know what to buy.  You wouldn't want someone buy you a pair of pants or a shirt that didn't fit. If it's too big you might take it personally and think the person gifting it to you thinks you're a big cow.  On the flip side, if they were to give you something that was a size too small, it may make YOU think that you've spend far too much time sitting your butt on the couch.  A pair of gym or workout gloves is the perfect solution!  

Fitness Present Ideas

You can purchase GymPaws® right here on our website and checkout using Paypal or any major credit card, or using your Amazon account!  If you want you can check out our entire fitness catalog on

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