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Best Crossfit Gloves For Men – Battling Ropes Workout

best crossfit gloves for men, battling ropes workout, crossfit workouGuys sweat. No arguing the point. And the harder your workout, the more you’re gonna sweat!   The best crossfit gloves for men are those that don’t absorb the fruits of our labor and become a nasty smelling and crusty lump like most weightlifting gloves.  Most personal trainers or coaches will tell you that you get the most out of your workouts when you’re not distracted and you keep your eye on the ball.  Whether you’re playing a sport, weight lifting, or busting your butt in a crossfit #wod – you need to stay focused.  If you’re worrying about your grip or feeling hand fatigue before muscle fatigue it’s time to figure out a better solution!

Let’s take an exercise that you may do as part of your circuit or crossfit workout as an example – Battling Ropes Workout.   You’re definitely going to want a pair of the best crossfit gloves for men for this bad boy!

What is a Battling Ropes Workout?

Most people are familiar with the climbing ropes that may be hanging in your crossfit box.  Your goal is to climb yourself up them as quickly as possible.  Battling Ropes are the same ropes actually – they’re just not hanging. They’re sometimes also called fireman ropes.

To start your Battling Ropes workout, you need to anchor the rope around a very solid and strong object.  If you’re in the gym than this probably is a squat rack or hook that’s on the wall.  If you’re outside you can find a big tree to wrap it around.

Most battling ropes are about 40 feet in length although some can be longer.  Shorter won’t do the crossfit gloves men, leather lifting grips, hot crossfit bodies, hot male gymnasts

Put on your best crossfit gloves for men and grab each end of the rope in either hand.  You’re going to need to brace yourself as if playing tug of war.  The weight of the rope alone will tend to move you forward.

The goal is to counter act the weight of the rope in addition to the force created by “making waves” with the rope.  The idea is to create kinetic energy as you pump your hands up and down which in turn transfers the energy down the length of the rope.  Sounds simple by description – but if you’ve ever tried incorporating a battling ropes workout into your crossfit circuit or weight lifting routine, you know there’s nothing easy about it!