Best Hand Pads For Gym

Best Gym Gloves For Your Workout


Lets be real. Whether you are sweatin in the gym weight lifting or doing a Crossfit circuit, GymPaws are the only REAL leather gym gloves alternative.

The Best Gym Gloves you can buy online are only worth their price if you’re actually going to use them!  GymPaws® gym gloves were designed by a team of ACE® Certified Personal Trainers, Exercise Physiologists and athletes and have been tested by thousands of customers worldwide! They’ve become hugely popular (and versatile) as women’s workout gloves as well as men’s lifting grips. The four-finger loop military-grade Neoprene backing assures that they stay in place, even thru the toughest weight lifting or Crossfit ® workouts.  Most Brands only have two or three finger loops which lets your hand pads shift or slip away during your workout.   For those guys with larger hands, you’ll be comfortable because Neoprene has some give to it, and because they’re 100% Genuine Leather, they’ll conform to your grip the more you use them! They are also machine washable (and dry-able)!

Best Gym Gloves For Your Workout


Weightlifting Grip Pads

GymPaws® have a slight padding to the palm which eases hand fatigue and pressure while it is protecting your hands from developing calluses.   Other brands use only flimsy material for the front of the grip, and they’re not better than if you were wearing a cheap pair of “leather like” gym shoes!  This basically feels no different than holding a piece of cloth between you and the weight you’re lifting.

Leather Workout Gym Grip Pads

Just like your favorite pair of tennis shoes, the leather will begin to break in and form to your hand making for a super comfortable gym glove! The most obvious advantage to using a gym glove for your workout is to provide a barrier between your skin and the rough weights.  It’s only natural that the more you work out, the more friction you’re causing against your skin and the sooner you’ll start to develop nasty calluses.  Rough dry skin isn’t pretty to look at or touch!

Enhance your grip and get more out of your time training at the gym or Crossfit box with the best gloves for your workout!  You can checkout on our website using your Amazon Account or PayPal or Credit Card —- Or find em directly on Amazon by clickin below 🙂

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