gym paws, best crossfit gloves, crossfit hand protection

Crossfit Hand Protection, Practice Safe Sets

crossfit hand protection, best crossfit gloves, gym paws workout gloves, crossfit glovesDay after day, week after week, month after month you workout.  Many do it for the health benefits, but let’s face it most of us bust our butts to look good.  Bootcamp, circuit and functional training include Crossfit workouts have seen a huge spike in popularity.   The goal should be to workout your body – not your hands!  Getting the best crossfit hand protection will help you not only avoid nasty calluses, but allow you to focus on the exercise at hand!

Benefits of Crossfit Hand Protection

Whether you’re killin’ it with Kipping Pull ups, slamming it on the salmon ladder or rippin’ up the ropes, you’re hands are taking a beating.  In fact, you’re hands are likely fatiguing or giving way long before you’re muscles are.  And while some die hard gym rats will shout “hell no” to using crossfit hand protection, those who really understand Kinesiology will tell you that you’re only as strong as your weakest muscle group when performing some of these popular exercises.  If you can’t hold onto the pull up bar long enough because your hands are tired or worse, the skin is actually starting to tear – you have a problem my friend!   Forget about the muscle heads and listen to your own body!

What Is Hand Eczema?

It’s a fairly common condition that can affects up to 10% of the population.  It’s characterized by dry skin, calluses, and often times inflammation of the skin and hands.  If you feel that you may have a medical complication such as Hand Eczema, you should probably make a pit stop at your doctor’s office to rule out any medical complications such as Hand Eczema.

Dry Callused Hands are NOT a side effect of working out!gym paws, best crossfit gloves, crossfit hand protection

Read that sentence again.  At no point should you have to walk around with nasty dry callused hands!   Your first line of defense needs to be crossfit hand protection (if you’re a crossfit fan), workout gloves, weight lifting gloves, gym grips… whatever you want to call them.  You need to have something between your skin and the bar or surface you’re gripping!  The body will naturally want to build up thicker skin (calluses) where it experiences the most friction.  Get a good pair of leather crossfit gloves to make sure you’re reducing the friction caused.

Your second line of defense will be to take care of your hands after your workouts!  After your crossfit workout or weight lifting session, wash your hands with warm water.  You want to remove irritants and sweat and dirt.  Dry them as you usually would and apply some sort of lotion.