The Best Weight Lifting Gloves for Crossfit

Best Weight Lifting Gloves for Crossfit

The Best Weight Lifting Gloves for CrossfitWe already know that customers have voted GymPaws® Lifting Grips, the Best Weight Lifting Gloves for CrossFit.  We also know that a typical CrossFit™ #wod can make us sweat in places we didn’t even know we had.  Have you ever wondered what are the average calories burned during CrossFit workout?  Or what are some of the other benefits of a HIIT (high intensity interval training)?  I came across and ACE Sponsored study¹ that attempts to quantify these answers.


About The Study

16 super fit men and women between the ages of 20 and 47 were recruited. Their heart rate, VO2 max, and RPE (ratings of perceived exertion) were measured and recorded.  Using this data the researches were able to create a baseline to estimate each individual’s VO2 max during the workouts.

The Exercises and Goal

Burpees, Kettlebell Swings and Plyometric Box jumps were the 3 exercises used for the first round, and Front Best Weight Lifting Gloves for CrossfitSquat into a push press w/ barbell, and assisted pull ups were the 2 exercises used in the second round. The goal was for the participants to complete each series of exercises as quickly as possible.  (btw the best weight lifting gloves for CrossFit are also the best gloves for pull ups!)

Results Overview

The average calories burned during CrossFit workout for men was 20.5k kcal/minute and 12.3 kcal/minute for women.  The first round of exercises brought the individual’s heart rates up to about 90% HRmax.  The general guidelines of the fitness industry suggests that training within 64% to 94% of maximum HR (HRmax) is ideal for improving cardio vascular endurance, therefore a typical CrossFit #wod proved to be an awesome workout just as any HIIT would would be.

Best Weight Lifting Gloves for CrossFit

GymPaws® customers regularly comment and leave gym gloves reviews detailing their favorite exercises or workouts and why they like their GymPaws so much.  The most common reviews are for:

Gloves for Pull Ups – Because GymPaws® fit right in the palm of your hands they don’t inhibit movement like full or half finger weight lifting gloves can. In addition, the 100% Leather Palm allows for the necessary hand rotation around the bar.

Red Gym Gloves by GymPawsKnees to Elbows – Body weight exercises like Kness to Elbows require great forearm and grip strength.  The slight padding inherent in the GymPaws® lifting grips can help to ease hand fatigue.

Kettlebell Grips – This kinda goes without saying.  If you know what a kettlebell is, then you’ve probably experienced the sensation of feeling like the skin on your hands is going to rip right off and go sailing across the room with the kettlebell!

Deadlifts, Clean and Jerks, and Power Cleans – GymPaws® were designed for the serious GymRat!  The unique 4 finger loop design makes these lifting grips actually fit like a glove.  That means they don’t fold up, fall off or have to be taken on and off inbetween exercises.  For more complex moves, this can mean all the difference between calling it quits, and busting out a few more reps!

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¹Babiash, Paige, M.S., Porcari, John P., Ph.D., Steffen, Jeffery, Ph.D., Doberstiein, Scott, M.S., Foster, Carl, Ph.D. (2013) “CrossFit: New Research Puts Popular Workout To The Test” Retrieved 2014-08-06

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