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Best Weight Lifting Gloves Crossfit

best weight lifting gloves crossfit, crossfit gloves, workout gloves, lifting gripsCan adding a crossfit glove to your workout help you maximize results? Getting through your crossfit #wod is tough.  Let’s face it, if it were easy everyone would be doing it.  Even just adding the best weight lifting gloves crossfit isn’t enough.  I’ve seen too many people come out the exit door of their box nearly bloodied, bruised and beaten half to death.  What you do is just as important as how you do it.  It’s time to cover the basics.

A crossfit workout is almost used synonymously with bootcamp workouts.  They’re basically workout routines comprised of several compound exercises with focus on training large muscle groups.  High intensity interval training of HIIT may also be a component of the workout.  So where does the best weight lifting gloves crossfit glove fit into the equation?

Well let’s take a popular #wod or crossfit move as an example – the Thruster.  Using a standard barbell you’ll start with the bar in the front – rack position.  Pay attention to your hand placement at this point before you even begin to move the weight.  Hand’s feeling a bit sweaty from the ball busting set you just did minutes prior?  This is where a pair of the best gloves for crossfit is going to come in handy!

Ok, back to the Thruster.  You’re in position and focused on keeping your elbows pointed forward as you drop down to a full front squat with your abs super tight, as well as your glutes.  Your knees will be slightly bent outward to maintain stability.

Squat all the way down until you break 90 degrees then using your glutes and quads explode up to starting position and transfer the weight back to your shoulders.

Learning and maintaining technique for any crossfit workout is key.

Reading this article or listening to your trainer tell you about it isn’t enough. You need to do it to learn proper technique.   I suggest not focusing on the amount of weight or the speed of completion but rather on proper form.  A pair of crossfit gloves is going to help keep your grip sweat free which not only gives you greater control of the bar, but increases your confidence throughout the movement.

Whether it’s kettlebell swings, battling ropes, tire pushes, thrusters or deadlifts… every crossfit workout can benefit from a pair of crossfit gloves.  Try GymPaws leather workout gloves next time you visit your box.  Workout your body… not your hands!