Barehand Gloves Grips or Straps

Barehand Gloves Grips for Pulling Exercises

Hopefully in 2018 your workout at the gym or Crossfit box has you sweatin more than ever.  There are countless exercises and movements you can do with or without weights, but the vast majority likely entail either pulling or pushing. If you're a seasoned pro in the gym or a New Year's Resolution newbie, the best hand protection lies somewhere between barehand gloves or grips. 

Barehand Gloves Grips For Workout

You have your favorite gym shoes and probably even some workout clothes that you cycle through week after week, but what you use has hand protection in the gym is just as important. Especially for pulling exercises barehand gloves or grips can make all the difference. 

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Pulling Exercises to Build Muscle

This may sounds stupid, but if you're not pushing a weight such as a standard Bench Press for chest, then you're probably executing a pulling exercise like a Biceps Curl.  Of course there are exceptions because you can also do isometric exercises or do dynamic resistance training.  One of the best pulling exercises to build muscle is the good ole fashioned Deadlift.  Barehand gloves grips or straps are often used for this powerhouse exercise but which is best. First let's review how to do a deadlift. 

  1. Start by standing behind the barbell with your feet hip width apart. 
  2. Tighten your abs, pull your shoulders back which will pump your chest forward.
  3. While maintaining this position, squat down until your hands can grip the bar.
  4. You can grip the bar with one palm facing you and one facing away, or with both palms facing you. 
  5. While trying to keep your arms straight, slowly return to standing position with the bar in your hands. 
  6.  Don't "pull" the barbell with your arms, your shoulders and hips should be rising back to standing position AS you lift the bar. 

This is one fluid position and there should be no jerking movements.  Barehand gloves grips or straps are a personal choice here.  While some use weightlifting straps or gym grips, most don't prefer barehand gloves enhance your grasp of the bar. Especially those who tend to have sweaty hands. 

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