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What Crossfit Grips Are Best For Your Workout

Buy Mens Crossfit Gloves

If you know what burpees, clean and jerks, battling ropes, and knees to elbows are, then you're probably more than familiar with a typical Crossfit WOD is. But what Crossfit grips are best for your workout? Here's a breakdown of a couple things to look for before you go wasting your money online.  

Leather Crossfit Grips Are The Best Investment

GymPaws Original Leather Weight Lifting Grips are the ONLY grips out there made of Genuine Cowhide Leather.  The reason we chose to use the highest quality materials for our hand protection is pretty simple, leather is the most durable material when it comes to exercise and fitness gear.  Let's say your coach or instructor tells you to hit 25 burpees and run to the battling ropes.  If you're ever held onto these bad boys you know how they can so easily tear up your hands.  Do you really want a flimsy piece of fabric?  You might as well use a tee shirt!

You Have Four Fingers and So Should Your Crossfit Grips

One of the silliest products created in recent memory are those spongy gripads and power hand pads that are made of some alien form of synthetic rubber!  It's basically like holding your computer's mouse pad in the palm of your hands. WTF is that about? Let's say you are running from those battling ropes to your next set on the pull up bars.  You're frickin hand pads are already 10 feet behind you because they fell off after the last workout.  You can run back and risk looking like a dork and holding up the whole class or you can power through and finish the circuit. 

Leather Lifting Grips

GymPaws were designed to not only fit in the palm of your hands, but they have four finger loops to keep them in place.  That's right folks, we made these crossfit grips to fit like a glove!

When you're ready to buy your gym gloves or crossfit grips online, pay attention to the customer reviews.  Look for those that tell you exactly how the user used them for their workout.  If they don't mention adjectives and verbs you're familiar with, chances are their paid reviews that the seller needed in order to add validity to their listings! <