ZCUT Power Strength DVD Review

zcut-power-strength-dvd-june-newsletterZuzka Light (formerly from Bodyrock.tv) has done it again!  Her new workout series,  ZCUT Power Strength DVD will kick your butt no matter what your fitness level!  Check out my ZCUT Power Strength DVD Review:

First of all if you’re not familiar with her,  Zuzka Light gained popularity from being the co-founder of Bodyrock.tv which was a very popular Candadian based fitness website.  This year she branched out to start her own Brand.  ZCUT Power Strength is her 3rd fitness DVD release, and as I write this, it is currently the number 1 selling workout DVD on Amazon!

This is a 3 disc series with 12 short high intensity, easy to follow workouts.  I liken them to HIIT or high intensity interval training workouts.

Workout DVD 1 includes exercises like Overhead Squat Press, Weighted Pistol Squats, Dive Bomber Pushups and Dragon Lunge Combos.  You may be asking yourself: What is a Pistol Squat?  A pistol squat is an awesome test of strength and balance using your legs.  Basically you start by balancing on one leg with your arms extended in front of you.  Then you proceed to squat down until that extended leg is almost parallel to the floor.  You complete the movement by returning to the starting position.  even tho these may sounds like complicated excercises, this definitely is a great workout you can do at home!  For example: What is a Pistol Squat?

what is a pistol squat


Keep in mind, the beauty of ZCUT Power Strength like all Zuzka Light Workout DVDs is that they are great workouts you can do at home!

On ZCUT Power Cardio DVD 2 you’re gonna sweat with more Burpees, Leg Chair Stand Ups, Bent Over Rows and Triceps Dips. There’s no rest for the weary!  DVD 3 takes you through four more workings including Dive Bombers, Elevated Leg Lunges, and Dumbell Swings.

One of the coolest things about Zuzka and her workouts is that this girl is actually working out!  These are overly manufactured dvds with 100 takes to each scene.  You can tell that the camera starts rolling when Zuzka starts her workout.  She may be ripped up and in awesome shape, but in some areas she struggling right along with you!  I like that.  No Personal Trainer should ever make their clients feel intimidated to workout regardless of their fitness level.  There is a very “girl next door” quality to Zuzka that makes you wanna like her even when you’re swearing at the screen cuz your muscles are burning and you’re drenched in sweat!

You can get ZCUT Power Strength on Amazon.  You won’t regret it!