Swolemate Meaning

Swole and Flexy Swolemate

Swole and Flexy Meaning

As if there weren't enough annoying fitness hashtags and lingo to describe the toils of an exercise and fitness routine, there are a few more that are gaining popularity especially on social media platforms.  If you're asking the question what does swole and flexy mean, then you probably know where this post is going. 

Overly Swole and Flexy

2014 brought us a lot of interesting (and no so interesting moments).  "Frozen" became the highest grossing animated movie ever, Michael Jackson arose from the grave and appeared as a hologram on the Billboard's Music Awards show, Taco Bell introduced their breakfast menu, and Ellen DeGeneres set the world record on Twitter for the most re-tweeted selfie.  Even with all of those amazingly historical events, the fitness crew here at GymPaws Gym Gloves still managed to answer the question What Does Swolemate Mean

Find Your Swolemate

If you missed that award winning blog post, here's a quick recap.  The word swole is a slang term derived from the word soulmate.  Instead of saying you were to the gym with your workout buddy, or you hit the weight training room with your lifting partner, you may call that person a swolemate.  Swole also refers the the physical "pump" that one achieves from working a specific muscle group.  As you work the muscle group, your body is focused on delivering oxygen rich blood and nutrients to the muscles being called into action. This causes a temporary swelling of the muscle and tissues of that particular body group, this making you appear more swole. 

What Does Swole and Flexy Mean

Again, it's just a fun slang word / phrase.  Flexy rhymes with sexy, but it also refers to someone's physical flexibility.  If you're a crossfitter that can bust out a couple of reps of Crossfit Knees To Elbows, and then hit the yoga mat for an hour, you're probably swole and flexy. 

Swolemate Meaning

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Stay swole and flexy and keep a look out for your true Swolemate my friends!

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