The Tug Toner Workout

Dynamic Resistance Training – Tug Toner

The Tug Toner WorkoutThere is some confusion when it comes to dynamic resistant exercises.  Dynamic Resistance Training is NOT the same as doing Isometric Exercises.  Isometrics as it pertains to weight lifting / weight training means the contracted muscle remains static.  For example Leg Extensions are an isometric exercise.  If you were to pause a push up half way down and hold it, you'd be turning that into an isometric exercise as well.  I don't actually know if the Tug Toner is a real product or not but it's a great example of what a Dynamic Resistance Training Exercise is. 

What is Dynamic Resistance Training?

With dynamic resistance training, the muscle being contracted does not remain static, it moves through it's full range of motion (ROM).  It is a concept popularized in the 1920's by Charles Atlas.  In theroy dynamic resistance exercises have a constant external force being applied throughout the range of motion. For example if you were to stand with your arm at 90 degrees making a fist and flexing your biceps, you'd obviously be contracting the biceps muscle.  Now while holding the contraction, use your other hand to press down on on  your fist and resist the temptation to allow your bicep to lengthen.  Performing a "biceps curl" with the constant and added resistance of the other hand applying force throughout the motion constitutes a dynamic resistance exercise.

You may have seen this Tug Toner video on Jimmy Kimmel.  While I'm still not sure if this is an actual product or not, it still is funny as hell!  It's actually a pretty good example of dynamic resistance training.

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