Hottest Trainer Los Angeles 2015

Hottest Trainer Los Angeles | Ryan Van Dyke

Hottest Trainer Los Angeles 2015

It’s 100 degrees today in Los Angeles, and it’s only getting hotter!  One of our favorite GymPaws Featured Personal Trainers Ryan Van Dyke has made the final rounds in LA Racked’s search for “The Hottest Trainer In LA!”  VOTE for Ryan and help us land him the title!

Hottest Trainer Los Angeles

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Ask anyone who regularly works with a Personal Trainer and they’ll likely tell you that their trainer is the best, the hottest, the toughest, etc.,  Whatever superlative is used, there’s no denying the bond that one has with the very person that usually leaves them feeling like they’ve been hit by a truck after an hour session!  It’s fun when blogs tap into this fanaticism and pit personal training clients against each other to find the hottest trainer in Los Angeles!

The Hottest Trainer in LA

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