The Nike Alpha Training Grip workout glove may help you max out on your lifts.  Manage your expectations with any gym hand gear, and start by reading this review. Before you buy anything online it’s important to understand why you need hand protection, then read the reviews.

As a Personal Trainer and a exercise and fitness professional that’s been in the biz longer than I can to remember, I have some advice that I’ve learned over the years. Even in 2019 with everything we’ve learned about weight lifting, diet and weight loss, there’s a common thread of ignorance that is still there.

Nike Alpha Training Grip Workout Glove Review

Here’s the secret that I’ve learned over the past 20 years of experience:  there are not short cuts!

However long it took you to gain weight or fall out of shape, it will take you that long to get back to where you were. Period.  When it comes to hand protection for the gym, there is no glove or grip that will suddenly make you lift like an Olympian.

The Nike Alpha Training Grip workout glove is no exception.  Actually it may be one of the worst products to hit the market since the shake weight.  Imagine peeling off the sole of your Nike gym shoes, putting a strap on it, and then using it to bust out bicep curls.  That’s literally what it’s like.  Not to mention that you’re out of luck if your hands are bigger or smaller than the hard plastic.

We took note of this when we created the original LEATHER GymPaws workout grip.  We used real leather, just like your Nike gym shoes, but we made it better.   The more you use your GymPaws the more they conform to your specific grip.   The 4 finger loops on the sweat proof backing fit nearly every hand size.

You only need protection right at the base of the fingers.  Those little pads are the ONLY place on your palm that bear the weight of your body when you’re doing pull ups or grip the lat bar when you’re working out back.