Unfortunately in 2019 gym goers and weight lifting enthusiasts are still listening to fitness tips from bonehead blog writers.  In a lot of cases guys and girls are contributing OPINIONS to online magazines like Men’s Health, Livestrong, or Shape as unpaid contracted authors. They may indeed be knowledgeable about exercise, but when it comes to reviews or advice about workout gloves, they’re just blowing smoke.

Hand Protection Enhances Performance

Nearly every professional sport incorporates some sort of hand protection for either performance or training.  Football, baseball, boxing, gymnastics, hockey, racing, and rowing ALL have hand protection gear unique to their sport.  So why would weightlifting or workout gloves be any different?  The answer is EGO, not fact.

Get more pump at the gym with workout gloves.

In 2019 too many of us are influenced by people who call themselves influencers.  They wear this self imposed title simply because their audience engages or shares their content.  If no one paid attention to their opinions, they would cease to exist.  A personal trainer or fitness model may very well have some awesome tips for building muscle, shredding fat, or eating healthy, but don’t assume the advice is accurate or factual.

FACT: Workout gloves enhance performance for weight lifting, strength training, Crossfit, or bodybuilding.

There is no denying this.

The opinion of some however indicates that if you use a gym glove or grips you are somehow less fit, or knowledgeable than they are.  These are the same meatheads that walk out of a Crossfit classes with torn up bleeding hands, hoping that someone will equate this with their level of fitness.

The last time I checked, open wounds are a source for infection, not muscle growth or performance.  The BEST way to test these opinions you read, is to buy a pair of workout gloves and actually USE them regularly.  Just as you mix up your exercise routine to blast past a plateau, you can test fitness gear by incorporating it into your routine.

I’m willing to bet you will be able to do pull ups more comfortably, get a better lat pulldown pump, and feel a deeper bicep burn.

Luckily GymPaws has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  If they’re not for you, let us know and we’re happy to refund your purchase.  Our products are designed, tested and promoted by actual athletes and scientists.  There’s no ego here my friend.