The Best Lifting Grips are made from Real Leather!
The Best Lifting Grips are made from Real Leather!Weight lifting grips can add power to your lift!Leather Weightlifting Grips to protect against calluses.The Alternative to Gym GlovesBlack Leather Lifting Grips by Gym Paws

Leather Weight Lifting Grips | Black

$19.99 $16.99

Your workout shouldn’t end with torn up hands!  GymPaws® Leather Weight Lifting Grips will be your new best friend in the gym!

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Leather Weight Lifting Grips BlackSay hello to your new gym gloves, and say goodbye to nasty calluses forever!

Your workout begins and ends with

GymPaws® Leather Weight Lifting Grips!

Are you new to working out?

If you’ve just begun your journey to a healthier more fit body, then you may not have ever tried using a workout glove or weightlifting grip before.  You’ll soon learn that the more intense your workout becomes, the more your hands will take a beating!

Wearing a weight lifting grip like GymPaws® will boost your confidence in the gym and help you get an even more intense workout.  If you don’t have to worry about hand fatigue or the weight slipping from your hands, you can concentrate on weight lifting and pumping out those last couple reps!

Are you a seasoned pro in the weight room? You’ll appreciate how easy it is to use GymPaws® Weight Lifting Grips!  You don’t need a big bulky weight lifting glove that restricts movement and makes your hands sweat more than your body!

  • GymPaws® fit discretely in the palm of your hands – right where you need a barrier between your skin and the cold hard metal weights!
  • The cool 4 Finger Loop Neoprene Backing keeps these grips in place while allowing for natural hand rotation and ease of movement. If you’re a fan of bootcamp or CrossFit style workouts, then you know that you don’t always have time in between exercises to take your gloves on and off.  With GymPaws® Weight Lifting Grips you don’t have to!

Your workout’s not done ’til the paws come off!

GYMPAWS The Gym Glove. Redesigned | Weightlifting & Workout Gloves
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Crossfit Callouses Be Gone!

Jan 25, 2018 by FitNerd

These have become a staple for my 2018 Crossfit workout to be sure. I like that they're thick enough to no bunch up but not as thick as regular gym gloves. My workout thanks you GymPaws! I'm happy to leave reviews anytime any place!

Really like these!

Sep 11, 2016 by Jason Stup

- Doesn't feel bulky or intrusive, yet provides comfortable protection.
- Hands don't feel hot.
- Easy to slip on and off; however, I don't need to take them off to unscrew the cap from my bottle of water etc.
- I can leave my wedding band on (don't need to worry about damaging it or leaving it in the locker or at home).

Good Gloves

Jul 31, 2016 by Dennis W

Fits well and very comfortable. Enables a good grip. Easy to put on and take off. They were a little slippery when used for pull-ups, but have become less so with more use. Would definitely buy these again.

Super for weight training

Jul 11, 2016 by Jessi

I am super happy with it. They are not too big or too small, adapt well to hold and provide a good grip.

Awesome Gloves!

Apr 08, 2016 by Bethany R

Perfect when using my Concept 2 rowing machine. Love them A+A+A+A+

These lifting grips work!

Feb 25, 2016 by SFO Michael

I bought these because my hands are very callused after 45-50 minutes using the Vera-Climber every day.... It's pretty active on the palms and I've been looking for something UNOBTRUSIVE to help protect my hands. I love these grips -- they stay in place and they handle a lot of moisture... in short, they just work!

Favorite Lifting Grips

Jan 18, 2016 by Ed Periyan

I just got my pair of gym paws and I was not disappointed. I've already used it a couple of times and it truly is an amazing product!

Best Gym GLoves

Jan 09, 2016 by Jeff Austin

Just purchased these gym paws and am very pleased. I have tried many different gloves and these are one of my favorites. I loved that there is enough padding to prevent calluses, yet doesn't compromise my grip. They fit about the same as most gloves and got my normal size small. My only small complaint is that I wish the wrist wrap was a bit thicker to offer more support but other than that I think they are great!!

absolutely love these gloves!

Dec 11, 2015 by Maxissma

Absolutely love these gloves. I have been working out for many years and have tried many gloves, padded squares and other items throughout the years. My problem is my hands get super hot and I usually have to take my gloves off between each set. Currently I am working with a trainer three days per week and I do not pay for down time so taking off and putting back on hand protection needs to happen quickly. These have been awesome. I have now used them for two complete weeks and wanted to do that before writing a review. They are perfect, practical and I do not feel any discomfort from the weights. I even use them for kettle bells and they are great. My only complaint, I can't find them in my gym bag if I toss them in, LOL. They are small and take up very little room so now I place them in a pocket inside my bag. I watch them very closely at the gym because I know someone will say, those look awesome, let me "borrow" them. Way to go GymPaws, great product.

Must Have for your Gym Bag

Jul 04, 2015 by Keemo

This weight lifting grips are great. Am a proud owner of short fat fingers, but the gympaws fit my fingers good. I love the way the gympaws feels in your hands, they feel so light you almost forget you have them on. One of the biggest plus is the fact that your hands don't sweat. This is a must have for your gym bag.

Good stuff

Jun 14, 2015 by Trust me

I find I can do more reps as my hands don't start hurting. Also, save my hands from pain when bench pressing. Easily removable and hands don't get all hot and sweaty like in traditional gloves.

Echt empfehlenswert

Jun 09, 2015 by Michael Mach

Erster Eindruck ganz schön klein. Sitzt trotz meiner schmalen Finger sehr fest. In der Praxis aber genau richtig, nach 6 Trainingseinheiten kann ich sagen nie wieder Handschuhe. Also unbedingt testen sind auf alle Fälle eine Kaufüberlegung wert

No need to buy other gym gloves!

Apr 21, 2015 by Oliver Gossete

No need to buy any other gym gloves with these. With other gym gloves, you sweat and they stink, these Gym Paws I had my last pair for other two years and did not have that problem at all. That’s just cosmetic though, the actual gloves are fantastic – chiefly because they cover your fingers up past your knuckle and down into your palm, so a much bigger surface area is covered on the hand, making lifting a lot more comfortable. With other gym gloves they don’t cover enough of your hand and you still get calluses. They are the perfect thickness, so they don’t make bars seem thicker, and they’re especially good for chin ups/pull ups because they give your hands a firmer base of support in the dead hang. Great for deadlifting too – if your gym has the thinner Olympic sized bars and you have these then the grip is perfection. Wouldn’t use any other glove as long as these are being made.

Comfortable, Open and Prevents Calluses

Apr 06, 2015 by CMC

I wanted something that was open, to prevent my hands from sweating and these Gympaws were the answer. Comfortable, open and prevent callous from forming on my palms. I believe they run a size small or have the leather extend to the proximal palm but overall it is what I thought it would be.

Best Gloves Ever

Mar 06, 2015 by S. Cowan

I have been working out now for almost 20 years at a very high level and have never worn traditional lifting gloves do to not liking the feel of my whole hand being covered. But these are absolutely perfect because they give just enough padding on the palm for comfort and increase grip without the hand being covered. These will definitely be the only "gloves" I will ever use from here on.

These get attention!

Feb 17, 2015 by Freddy E.

I have been using /trying different types of weightlifting gloves but since discovered GymPaws I don't need to keep looking, the paws are practical / effective /trendy and durable, so easy to remove between set / easy to wash / do not smell, all in all I am very satisfied. I have recommended them to all my friends in the gym and even often get asked by random guys at the gym where I got them! Certainly GymPaws get attention!

My New Gym Gloves

Jan 01, 2015 by Raya Kulkarni

The main reason I was looking for gloves is I started a new weightlifting routine and was developing calluses. As I noticed a variety of options on Amazon, I settled on these based on comment reviews. After a week of use, here is what I noticed so far. Stopped the callus development and began to regress (this would be the case for any glove). Very light, and size makes it easily portable (gym short pocket, or otherwise). Easy to remove if not needed for a exercise not calling for use, then of course easy to put on relatively quickly, comparative to strap on/full fingered. I've owned gloves in the past, and the fact that it is an open backing to breath, after using it confirms that I won't have to store my sweat and stink used gloves in a separate place.

Vraiment bien!

Dec 27, 2014 by Damien Villeneuve

Je viens de recevoir cette "alternative aux gants de muscu" et j'avoue que j'étais plutôt sceptique au départ. Mais comme toute chose il faut se faire son propre avis et ne pas être refractaire aux nouvelles choses. Et j'avouerais que je suis plutôt surpris. Ca tient bien dans la main, les haltères ne glissent pas et le produit a l'air assez solide (a voir avec le temps). Les gants sont même très bien pour faire des tractions. En bref bon produit.

Huge Difference, great gloves

Dec 19, 2014 by Gus Ganaden

After a few days of using this Weight Lifting Grip, I will never use Gloves anymore! Huge Difference! A Definite Recommendation!

I'm in love with these gym gloves!

Dec 19, 2014 by Aly Burr

These were perfect - I've always hated having gloves/straps/anything on my hands. These were comfortable and totally practical for workouts, I liked that they were a little thicker than just normal lifting gloves. :)

Best Gym Gloves

Dec 14, 2014 by Harsha Kittane

It is a best product I have got. Overall excellent product, very handy, convenient while working out and beyond all it was timely delivered

Perfect For Hanging and Pull Ups

Nov 29, 2014 by Tiffiani K

I use these for hanging on a pull-up bar for my shoulder pain. These are the best tools I've found for hanging for extended lengths of time without developing blisters or calluses on my hand. Many men don't mind the blisters, but I'm a girl and would rather not have hard hunks of dead skin on my hands if not necessary. They are also very low profile, which allows me to seamlessly switch back and forth between hanging and dumbbell exercises. I tried the Haulin' Hooks, but found them uncomfortable, and didn't feel the same stretch versus actual hand hanging.

Highly recommended!

Great for sweaty hands like mine

Oct 04, 2014 by K Garcia

Great for sweaty palms like mine. I've been lifting for a year now and it's hard for me to find a perfect gloves that is very comfortable and won't give you callus. I love it! It protects you from having callus. It looks like it's gonna break but I have to test it for months to see. I definitely recommend this product

Awesome for WODs

Sep 13, 2014 by Dominick Baker

I thought these were really comfortable for weight lifting. Perfect amount of padding on the palms. I really became a fan however when I tried them as CrossFit Gloves at my box! Holy crap! Why didn't I try these sooner?! I'm a fan for life.

Great workout gloves!

Aug 19, 2014 by Franck hirbec

Super workout gloves!
They are very practical and more full gloves that make you hot and smelly! highly recommend !!!

Awesome Gym Gloves

Aug 11, 2014 by Javi Caniollo

I never write reviews, but these grips have been outstanding. After about 2 weeks of use, I have the following observations:
- They're easier to take on and off than traditional gloves or gymnastics grips. They're even labelled "right" and "left" to ensure the padding covers the appropriate parts of the hand.
- Because of the material and open design, they result in less perspiration than closed gloves.
- They don't bunch up in the creases of the palm or fingers.
- I was apprehensive about other comments regarding how slick they are on pull-up bars, but I experienced no slipping or insecurity of grip once I grabbed the bar.
- They immediately allowed me to do more pull-ups than before, because I didn't have to let go from my hands hurting.
- They are just as helpful when doing cleans and heavy deadlifts.
- So far, they have shown no signs of wear.

I Believe!

Aug 05, 2014 by Scott Bowman

nice fit...comfortable and very breathable!

Cool Gym Gloves

Jul 24, 2014 by Lionel LaFort

I bought the gym gloves to test for weight lifting. I'm really pleased, especially at this time of the year it's nice to not have to wear hot gloves! Def recommend them to anyone into body-building. Very good product!

Perfect Gym Gloves!

Jul 18, 2014 by Stephan Roulier

These gloves are perfect, they replaced my previous gloves which were just some simple rubber grip pads. I have very large hands and the finger loops do stretch a bit to accomodate my fingers and the leather breaks in as you use them.

Parfait pour la méthode Lafay

Jul 16, 2014 by Loic B

Livraison rapide
Parfait pour la méthode Lafay facile à mettre et enlever car tout les exercices ne nécessitent pas d'avoir des gants.
3 séances avec pour l'instant ils n'ont pas bougé d'un pouce.
Je ne suis pas certain que cela soit du cuire comme indiqué mais on verra dans le temps si cela est costaud.
Je recommande ce produit

Awesome For Rowing

Jun 20, 2014 by CBB

First off, I'd like to mention that I don't lift free weights (which sound like what most people use gym paws for).

I started looking into gym gloves because I developed blisters on my palm after using the rowing machines at my gym. I wasn't particularly interested in getting regular gym gloves since they look bulky and uncomfortable. I wanted a pair that could easily fit in my gym shorts pockets whenever I head over to the gym. I was also looking for a comfortable pair that I could use over my blistered hands (I could have easily waited until the blisters dried out before starting to row again but didn't want to break my rowing streak). Lastly, I wanted a pair that was reasonably priced but didn't look cheap.

I did a little digging around Amazon and came across gym paws, which seem to fit the bill. I've only used my gym paws twice but have been very happy with them so far. I was able to row 7000 meters comfortably with them, even with blistered palms. They also easily fit in my pocket. Most importantly, they seem to be well-made - so far, the stitches haven't come off and the leather underside has not ripped. Overall, I'm very impressed with the quality, price, and appearance of the product. Definitely in my top ten buys within the past year.

Great Palm Protection

Jun 10, 2014 by Janet C

I do intensive functional fitness group workouts that last 50 minutes. My workout gloves became unusable and I found these and thought I'd give them a try. I LOVE THEM! They do a good job padding my hands while doing activities ranging from kettle bell swings, to bar pull ups, to lifting weights, even push ups. I believe I stay cooler because my hands are not enclosed in a glove. My hands would get damp in gloves and gloves weren't easy to clean. Gym Paws are easy to wipe clean. Unlike gloves, they are easy to take on and off if I am doing a different set of exercises and don't need them, and easy to slide back on when I need them.

Using gloves, my hands would get sweaty, and doing pull ups, gloves would be tighter with that kind of grip, and not be comfortable. Gym Paws are like adding padding to the bar, and my hand grips the padding securely. I can do more exercises avoiding hand fatigue. I have been using them for over a year, and they don't show any sign of wear and tear.

I will not be using gloves, Gym Paws are my preference now.

Awesome Gym Gloves

May 28, 2014 by Guillaume Replat

Perfect for all the Bar stuff like pull ups, dips or Muscle ups, even for the high reps, it follows naturally your hand! great purchase!

Teddy Gage

May 16, 2014 by As Described, Works Great

I started using these and all of a sudden girls noticed me. I was more attractive. Smarter, stronger, sexier. I could lift more weights. My wrist pains decreased. I had enhanced male prowess. A+

Nice Weightlifting Grips

May 13, 2014 by ralf tohme

he work great for weights or machines, which is what I use primarily. i love them , great product

Finally found what I'm looking for!

Apr 04, 2014 by Bana Dababneh

I've been looking for gym gloves that aren't so manly and ones that don't accumulate sweat. these gloves are the perfect match. i recommend them because they aren't very visible and they're surely unique.

Best Gym Gloves (not gloves) Out There!

Apr 03, 2014 by Phil Springer

I have tried other brands and they just rub off cause they are neoprene and that only lasts so long.... these don't wear out! Genuine LEATHER! Great product GET SOME ASAP!

Very Pleased With These Workout Gloves

Apr 02, 2014 by R Moore

I've been using these grips now for a few weeks in the gym and I must say I'm rather impressed with them. They arent showing any signs of wear and seem to be made to a very high quality. Before using these I've always used gym gloves previously, but I must say I now prefer these to gloves. Being an open design they allow your hands to breathe and are a lot cooler, also you dont get that nasty smell that sometimes happens with old gym gloves. Grip wise they are very comfortable, I've used them with barbells and dumbells with no problems. Even with gloves I've still suffered with some calluses, but whilst using these I've noticed the skin on my hands has become softer already.

All in all very pleased with the product, and would happily buy another pair.

LOVE These Workout Gloves

Mar 18, 2014 by Christian L.

I've been through many different grips and workout gloves and I finally got a hold of a pair that work the way I want them to. Great grip, nice comfortable fit, and great material. They seem very durable. I've only had them for a week but they seem to hold up good.

Great substitute for traditional workout gloves!

Mar 17, 2014 by Arin Vaughn

I hate wearing work out gloves because they make my hands and fingers feel restricted. These are the PERFECT solution! They're still really effective during my workouts by protecting my hands without the feeling like my fingers are strangling. I would definitely recommend these!

Good Gloves

Feb 07, 2014 by Monika R.

I really like the grip they have!

No More Smelly Gloves

Jan 08, 2014 by Eric Spinache

These are perfect if you don't want to constantly tend to your leather weightlifting gloves with mass amounts of Febreeze to try and diminish the smell. Great alternative and it gets the job done. Only reason why it is not stars for me is due to the fact that the product doesn't look like it'll stand the test of time through vigorous weekly sessions. I use them when I absolutely need them like for rack pulls and dumbbell rows where it hurts my hands.

Will Work for WOD

Jan 08, 2014 by Anthony

These are great for lifting. Once the leather breaks in a bit, I liked em for Crossfit gloves as well.

GYMPAWS The Gym Glove. Redesigned | Weightlifting & Workout Gloves 888-826-8033 7119 W Sunset Blvd, #752 Los Angeles CA, 90046 USA 4.8 5.0 43 43 These have become a staple for my 2018 Crossfit workout to be sure. I like that they're thick enough to no bunch up but not as thick as regular gym gloves. My workout thanks you G

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