The Swolemate is the Gym Glove you just can't lift without!™

Top Grain Cowhide Leather for a Luxurious Feel.

Double Stitching for Maximum Durablity.

Driving Gloves Inspired Design, for a Custom Fit.

Tapered wrist with Velcro closure eliminates excess gap.

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The word swole is slang for swollen.  When you lift a weight with enough resistance, additional blood is pumped to the working muscle which provides it with the oxygen and energy needed to complete the movement.  This results in the muscle fibers temporarily plumping up or becoming swollen.  The technical term for this is sarcoplasmic hypertrophy.  Bodybuilders and weight lifting fans shortened this, creating the slang word swole. It’s also used to describe someone who’s very muscular like “ripped” or “cut.”

What Does Swolemate Mean?

Swolemate [swohl-meyt] refers to a gym buddy or workout partner.  It’s a play on the word soulmate.

The Swolemate Gym Glove was inspired by the fine craftsmanship of luxury driving gloves.

Only Top Grain Cowhide Leather is used.  The Napa Leather is tanned using vegetable oil which in turn makes the glove more supple and resistant to moisture.


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