Hitting the gym is something millions of us do everyday.  Your workout may include a Crossfit class where you are busting through a circuit of exercises like battling ropes, burpees, pull ups, air squats and kettlebell swings.  Others prefer to spend time in the weightlifting room building muscle with biceps curls, lat pushdowns and chest press.  Staying committed to your exercise and fitness routine is challenging for all of us, but legitimate studies show that having a swolemate may help you achieve your goals faster. What exactly is  a swolemate meaning and definition?  Glad you asked.

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What Is A Swolemate

On social media you will find #swolemate among thousands of other fitness hashtags.  If someone who never goes to the gym writes a review on the best workout gloves, you probably wouldn’t hold their opinion in high regard. The same thing can be said for authors who like to write blog posts about hashtag meaning.  Swolemate meaning  by definition does NOT mean a romantic partner.  It is simply another reference for the person with whom you choose to share your gym time.  It is easy to confuse the two definitions because swole mate originated from the word soul mate.  Indeed one could label someone a soul mate without the implication or insinuation of a romantic interest. A best friend, close family member, or even a spiritual partner could fit the bill.

Swolemate Meaning and Definition

The reason that you may be more inclined to stick to your workout or keep consistently going to the gym by having a swole mate is pretty straight forward.

  1. Your Crossfit, weightlifting, or gym friend is likely to keep you accountable for going to the gym in the first place. I personally always thought that I preferred to workout alone, but when I did start meeting a friend and the gym I found that I was less likely to miss a scheduled day or class.
  2. When you exercise with someone else you are more likely to have a more intense workout.  Think about it.  A Crossfit workout never involves just a single person.  You have your instructor (who may be a personal trainer) to insure that you’re performing the movement correctly. The cumulative energy of the group of people tends to be motivating in and of itself.  It’s kind of like a keep up with the pack mentality.
  3. A swolemate meanding and definition is given to that person in your life that you know will be there to support you.  They are not just physically supporting you by spotting your chest press or squats, but they are emotionally supporting you as well.  Going to the gym and getting in a good workout as just as much to do with releasing emotional stress and energy as it does physical.

Finding a #swolemate is just about as easy as finding the best workout gloves on Amazon. You just have to make the effort.  Next time you are in the weightlifting room or gym casually strike up a conversation with someone on the machine or weight rank next to you.  Before you know it you may have a workout buddy for life!

Swolemate Meaning

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