There is a HUGE and common misconception I am about the difference between Workout Glove vs Gym Hand Pads and Grip Strength. Some gymrats are just dumb.

Here’s the skinny:  People do not fully understand the actual definition of the word grip, much less how or why it matters .  For the purposes of this article and review, we’re going to limit examples to those that apply to weight lifting or your workout at the gym.

What Is Grip Strength?

Grip DefinitionVerb

Grasping a flashlight, holding someone’s hand, or grabbing a dumbbell during your workout are all examples of gripping.  This defines the movement of clasping the hand around an object to hold it. In this use, the word grip is a verb because it describes an action.  Synonyms could include clench, seize, hold, or clutch.

“I gripped the kettlebells so tightly that my wrist hurt.”

Can Workout Glove Enhance Grip Strength?

Grip DefinitionNoun

The part of a golf club that you hold is called the grip. A bicycle’s handlebars, workout glove, or gym hand pads,  are also examples of something which is held in the hand.   The ability for something to maintain contact with another surface is a definition of grip as well.   In this regard, you could interchange the words traction, resistance, or friction.

“During my Crossfit workout my hands were so sweaty I lost my grip and slipped right off the pull up bar.”

Understanding Workout Glove vs Gym Hand Pads and Grip Strength

Here’s where people get confused.  A GymPaws workout glove or grip pads are meant to only ENHANCE your natural grip strength.  Any grip grip power pads or other product that has a tacky or rubbery surface can cause injury pretty quickly. If your hand sticks to the bar or weight or whatever you are grasping, you immediately lose the hand’s ability to naturally rotate.

Your grip strength is how much force, and for how long you can grasp an object.  If you use grip power pads or rubber gripads to do kettlebell swings for example, proper form is compromised.  Because the bell can’t rotate within your grasp, you will injure your wrists.

We designed the original GymPaws workout glove to be the perfect combination of a full weight lifting glove, and a grip pad for the gym.  The genuine leather palm allows for natural hand rotation while the four finger loops allow for natural hand rotation.