Hyperhydrosis is the medical term for the condition to describe excessive sweating.  If you’re one of millions of people who have experienced this you know it can be embarrassing and inconvenient. Workout gloves for sweaty hands will help you combat this in the gym.  Especially during grueling workouts like Crossfit training.

Traditional weight lifting gloves are just about the worst thing you can use as workout gloves for sweaty hands. They may offer protection against callus causing friction from get your pump in the gym, but they trap heat, moisture and bacteria.

Proper Workout Gloves For Sweaty Hands

If you tend to naturally suffer from sweaty hands you may also be dealing with psoriasis or eczema. These skin conditions are exacerbated by situations where the skin is allowed to remain excessively moist. During any exercise or fitness routine it’s important to wear gym gear that wicks away sweat and moisture.

Workout Gloves For Sweaty Hands

GymPaws were designed with you in mind!  One of the main reason people don’t like using hand protection in the gym is that most are cumbersome, inhibit movement, and make you hotter.  We deconstructed the traditional gym glove.

We removed the parts that didn’t serve a purpose.  Excess material on the back of the hand is useless.  It never comes in contact with weights.  We ripped it out.

Redesigned Workout Glove for Sweaty Hands

The average workout glove is made by overseas no name manufacturers that dump out gym gloves, toilet brushes, and any other crap they can get stupid Americans to purchase. 

We are a team of fitness professionals.  Our products are designed, developed, tested, and proven by hours of real time exercise in the gym.  Performance is key. The other guys just sew a bunch of padding to faux leather or felt material and slap it on Amazon.

People that actually workout know that excess padding is dangerous.  It eliminates natural tactile sensation which can throw off your form.  We use the optimal amount of padding  that studies have proven help to ease hand fatigue and enhance grip.

Lastly we didn’t forget about the fingers!  The worst thing about gripads or big back rubber grips is that they just fall off.  We designed 4 finger loops to keep your GymPaws in place so you never have to worry about losing or readjusting them.