How To Properly Use Weightlifting Straps Video Demo – Straps are commonly misunderstood and misused. The most common confusion is that they take the place of a workout glove or that they can be used with a workout glove.

There is some debate among fitness professionals about when they’re most useful, but they can help you life more. Straps appear to be “self explanatory” because they look like such a simple product, but surprisingly many people really don’t know how to use them.

What Are Weight Lifting Straps?

Weight Lifting Strap Video Demo

A pair of straps are two separate pieces of continuous fabric that is looped on one end.  Mostly made of cotton, canvas, nylon or leather. Higher quality straps will often include padding on the wrist portion. This enhances comfort as well as reduces slipping and friction.


Do Weightlifting Straps Work?

Yes… if you understand how to properly use weightlifting straps. Do not use them with or in place of a workout glove.

Straps allow you to focus on the pull or “lift” to a greater degree.  Often when using heavier weights for exercises like deadlifts, cleans, or lat pull downs, your hand grip strength will fatigue far faster than the muscle group you’re targeting.  Weight lifting straps are used only for pulling exercises and don’t use them with workout glove.

What Are Weight Lifting Straps

  1. Place the GymPaws® logo on the outside of your wrist with logo facing down towards the floor.  The loop will be facing the outside of your wrist if you begin w your left hand.
  2. Take the free end of the strap and thread through the loop pointing in direction of your fingers.
  3. Pull strap snug.
  4. Standing behind your barbell, feed the end of the strap under the bar and begin to wrap it around the bar using your thumb and index finger.
  5. Pretend you are “revving” a motorcycle throttle.  This twisting is what will tighten the strap.
  6. Complete the same steps with the other hand.

How To Properly Use Weight Lifting Straps

GymPaws® Weightlifting Straps are made from Military Grade Cotton. Developed, designed and tested by fitness pros they’re made for performance and durability. Not to mention they’re probably the most comfortable straps you can get.  Double stitched Neoprene padding on the wrist increase comfort and wicks away sweat. You can also check em out at