From Slough To Buff – Hand Pads For Gym v Workout Gloves

Years ago when I first started becoming interested in building muscle and weight lifting I was always looking for a shortcut.  Of course, there was no shortage of exercise and fitness advice from the guys and girls in the gym.  All of the suggestions seemed to conflict with what the previous person told me, and I really didn’t know which tip was most legit. In 2019 I feel the same confusion still exists.  Especially when it comes to weight lifting hand pads for gym v workout gloves, and just about any other type of fitness gear.
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Build Knowledge While You Build Muscle

Every day when I visit the weightlifting room, I see these hardcore bodybuilders pumping out reps with moans and groans as if they were lifting a two car off the bench. As a personal trainer and fitness industry professional, I can always spot those guys and girls that really don’t know what they’re doing.  Btw they will be the folks years from now with back, knee, shoulder problems etc.  Workout smarter WHILE you workout harder. This means not only knowing proper form and technique for any given exercise, but also knowing what workout gloves help v hold you back.

Hand Pads For Gym v Workout Gloves

There’s a ton of fitness gear used in an effort to build muscle. Weightlifting Belts, knee sleeves, straps, and chalk are the most common. Of course workout gloves are the most widely used. There are two camps of people, those who know the benefits of gloves or hand pads, and those who don’t know any better.

In 2019 we have better options than those obnoxious old school weight lifting gloves.

Gym Hand Pads v Gym Gloves

The GymPaws team deconstructed the workout glove.  We removed features that were unnecessary.  Excess materials are removed because they serve no purpose other than making your hands more sweaty.

Then we turned to hand pads for gym and figured out a way to enhance them.  Voila!  The Original Leather GymPaws Workout Grip was born. The workout glove alternative.


GymPaws are AskMen 2019 Editor’s Pick For Best Workout Glove

…and they’re not even gloves!

    • 4 Finger Loops assure that all your fingers are working in unison to perform the movement.
    • GymPaws have a slightly, optimally padded leather palm.  This is important… REAL leather.
    • Amazon’s pick for Kettlebell gloves, Pull Up Gloves, Rowing gloves.