Fitness Hashtag Meanings

Fitness Hashtag Meanings and Gym Fails

Fitness Hashtag Meanings

There are few things that millions of people do everyday that they feel a need to share on social media.  Aside from eating that would be going to the gym or working out.  The #gymselfie has become a source of inspiration, self gratification, and it gave birth to the fitness hashtag. Fitness Hashtag Meanings vary almost as much as the pic they're attached to.  Some are funny, some silly, and some don't make any sense.  We've got a couple you'll like.

Fitness Hashtag Meanings and Gym Fails

This all got started on our GymPaws gym gloves blog awhile ago when we wrote the post: and we followed that with a ton of other fitness hashtag meanings posts.  Some are easier to figure out than others. 

Fitness Hashtag Meanings

Swolemate – A reference to a gym buddy or workout partner.  They may physically be weightlifting with you at the gym or just a person who keeps you motivated to keep going. 

Chase The Pump – #chasethepump meaning is pretty easy too.  When you train a specific muscle group you'll notice a temporary pump which is a result of the body rushing blood and nutrients to the muscle. 

#Shreddz, #shreds, #shredded – If you have those 6 pack abs, then you're welcome to use this hashtag. 

#bitchmittens – This refers to gym gloves or weightlifting grips.  Usually used by muscle head bodybuilders who for some reason thing that their masculinity is somehow related to whether or not they use a workout glove to protect their hands from getting calluses and improving their grip. (yeah we don't get it either)

Definitions of Fitness Hashtags

Gym Fail – There's a lot of gymfail hashtags and pics online.  They may be funny to look at but you have to remember that it probably is a real person just trying to get their workout on!

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