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Pull ups, deadlifts, Crossfit knees to elbows, snatches and cleans.  What do all of these exercises have in common?  You’ll probably execute all of them better if you’re using a pair of hand pads for working out!  Here are some examples including an exercise video demo, to show you what we mean.

Crossfit Knees to Elbows

Knees to Elbows or KTE are more of an advanced move. It is an exercise that is really a combination of a dead hang pull up and an abdominal crunch.  If neither one of those movements are familiar to you, here’s a YouTube exercise video to show you how it’s done.

Hand pads for working out are going to be a lifesaver with KTE’s or any other pull ups variation because they will not only help ease hand fatigue but they can offer you a better grip.

Barbell Deadlift

Another common exercise where you’d want to use some sort of hand protection or gym gloves is the deadlift.  When you progress to heavier weight lifting you may even want to consider a pair of weight lifting straps.  These are different than hand pads for working out because the strap actually transfers some of the resistance load through your wrist, rather than solely relying on your hands and grip.

Hand Pads For Gym

Why GymPaws® are the Best Hand Pads For Working Out

  1. They are the ONLY pads made of GENUINE COWHIDE LEATHER.  You’ll be able to tell as soon as you touch and even smell them.  Leather’s going to be the most durable material for working out.
  2. GymPaws have 4 finger loops.  Take a look at your hand right now.  How many fingers do you see?  Four!  Then why would you want a hand pad that has two, three or even NO finger loops?!  GymPaws fit like a glove!
  3. Military-Grade Neoprene is what the back and the loops are made from.  Not the cheap China crap that your mousepad is made from.  Our material is the same that’s used in scuba diving hear.  It’s naturally moisture resistant.
  4. GymPaws Hand Pads for working out can be tossed right in the wash machine and dryer along with your sweaty gym or fitness clothes.

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