Incipient Calluses Discovered From Gym Gloves Online

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Incipient Calluses Discovered From Gym Gloves Online

Incipient Calluses Discovered From Gym Gloves Online

Calluses From Gym Gloves Online

Weightlifting and Crossfit were popular exercise options for millenials in 2016, but a study just released from The Australian Institute of Fitness (AIF) found that many die hard gymrats aren't using the proper hand protection during their workouts. A study just released found that more than 73% of individuals who use fitness gear purchased online may actually be hindering their progress rather than helping it. Continue ready "Incipient Calluses Discovered from Gym Gloves online."

What Are Calluses From Working Out?

A callus is the hardening of the skin in a particular area of the body as a result of repetitive pressure and friction being applied.  They are the body's natural defense and in most cases are harmless. "Calluses on the bottom of your feet for example were natures way of protecting the soles from damage, as early humans obviously didn't wear shoes," says Dr. Francis Mongomery of the Australian Institute of Fitness, who headed the study in 2016.

He goes on to explain "when an individual engages in an activity such as weightlifting or a workout where the bare skin is consistently exposed to the hard, rough, and often dirty surfaces of the dumbbells and weight training machines, it's only a matter of time before problems will occur if not wearing something to protect the skin."

Incipient Calluses Discovered From Gym Gloves Online

Wearing high quality Crossfit gloves or Gym Gloves is key to preventing rough dry hands. Look for products that clearly state using durable materials like 100% cowhide leather, as it's one of the most protective barriers between the delicate skin of the hands and the rugged surface of most gym equipment or weights.  There's a reason most exercise machines offer padding or a softer surface for your grip explains Dr. Montgomery. 

Many of the manufacturers of exercise and fitness products designed for the gym, really aren't concerned with how well their product performs, if at all. 

Calluses From Gym Gloves Online

GymPaws® is wholly owned and operated by a team of Certified Personal Trainers, Fitness Professionals and Athletes. The products have undergone vigorous testing and development to ensure that they not only provide the user with the intended hand protection, but are ergonomically designed and outlast many other products on the market. Check out the full line of GymPaws Gym Gloves Online here on the website and use Amazon, Paypal or credit card at checkout. In addition, the full fitness catalog is available on

Rodiney Santiago is a IFA Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness and Lifestyle Coach. He's available for one on one Personal Training as well as Online Consultations.  His new Fitness Membership website will launch in  2015. Read Rodiney's Full Bio Here.

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