Best Womens Workout Gloves

Best Weight Training Gloves For Men or Women

What determines the best weight training gloves for men or women?  Is there really a difference? The answer isn't quite that cut and dry. The most important thing to consider before buying any workout clothes or hand protection is what exercises you'll be using them for. 

Best Weight Training Gloves For Men or Women

Gloves for Pull Ups for example may be different than the ones you may use for weightlifting or even Crossfit.  Most hand protection you find online or in brick and mortar stores is based on the old concept of the traditional bodybuilding glove. Not much has changed over the past decades, the same is still the same.  Lots of padding and excess material make hands sweaty and hot, not to mention they can actually inhibit movement which in turn compromises your form.  This is the reason that countless fitness industry resources have consistently rated GymPaws as the best weight training gloves for men or women

Best Weight Training Gloves For Men or Women

Weight Training or Weightlifting Gloves Vs Gloves for Pull Ups And Bodyweight Exercises

The reason our Original Leather GymPaws® are ideal for pull ups is because of their ergonomic design.  When doing pull ups you don't want your hands to "stick" to the bar.  Your hand needs to naturally rotate throughout the movement.  The same goes for most weightlifting exercises.  The bar needs to move within your grip.  That's why gymnasts use simple hand taping to protect their hands, and hardcore bodybuilders may use hand chalk. Both of these options allow for freedom of movement.  Unfortunately they do little to ease hand fatigue or protect against calluses. 

Best Gloves for Pull Ups

GymPaws® Weight Lifting Grips are made from a slightly padded Cowhide leather that breaks in for a custom fit as you use them.  Best of all, the 4 finger loops on the Neoprene backing keep them in place like a glove!  You can the best of both worlds!  Hand protection without having your gloves get in the way. 

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