Gym Gloves Or Lifting Grips

Gym Gloves Or Lifting Grips?

Gym Gloves Or Lifting Grips

If you put in your time at the gym you probably (hopefully) have a clue what you’re doing with your workout.  If you’re a Crossfit fanatic you don’t have to do much more than follow the leader so to speak.  Unfortunately not many people put a lot of thought into hand protection, and they should. So what’s better, gym gloves or lifting grips?

Half Finger Weightlifting Gloves

These are the old standard.  They’re basically a glove with the fingers and thumb cut off about halfway down.  This is to allow for tactile sensation when you’re lifting or weight training, while protecting the palms of the hands from callouses. The problem with a lot of these gym gloves is that they are somewhat bulky and can actually inhibit movement.  Checkout our The GymRat glove with exclusive V02Max breathable mesh fabric.  They’re 100% genuine leather and they are designed after high end driving gloves with a tapered wrist and and thumbhole.  There’s no excess material bulk to get in the way. 

Gym Gloves Or Lifting Grips

Weight lifting grips come in all shapes and sizes (literally).  You’ll also find they’re made from just about every material under the sun, but the only ones you should care about are leather.  GymPaws Original Leather Weightlifting Grips are made from 100% top grain cowhide leather.  There’s a reason why gym shoes and fitness and workout equipment is made from leather, because it’s the most durable material. 

In addition, our lifting grips have 4 finger loops for each of your fingers.  This may not sound novel, but indeed it is!  Some grip pads are made from cheap faux leather with 1 or two finger loops, others are made from “sticky” rubbery material with no finger loops.  Imagine you’re busting out a typical Crossfit workout where you’re literally jumping from one exercise in the circuit to the next.  What do you think happens with hand pads for gym that have no way of staying on your hands?  That’s right… they don’t!  Furthermore,  full half finger gloves aren’t ideal for a crossfit workout because your hands and you sweat too much.  No one needs sweaty hands.  It doesn’t help for your confidence or your grip!

So if you’re debating between gym gloves or lifting grips, you need to look no further!  Check out some of the customer reviews before you buy online and decide what your new hand protection for gym is gonna be!  

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