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Nike Alpha Training Grip Review

Nike Alpha Training Grip Review

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Nike makes great gym shoes and workout clothes.  There's little doubt that they are a pioneer in the exercise and fitness industry, which is why it's so surprising that they couldn't come up with better hand protection options for working out.  This Nike Alpha Training Grip Review will tell you what you need to know and why you should save your money. 


How Do I Get Rid Of Calluses From Working Out?

Nike Alpha Training Grip Review

One of the main reasons you're looking for hand protection is probably to avoid getting nasty calluses from your Crossfit WOD or weightlifting routine. Rough, dry, calloused hands are NOT a sign of your level of fitness, but rather a legit medical condition.  When skin is subjected to excessive pressure and friction, it hardens and thickens.  It's your body's natural defenses kicking in. If left untreated, this skin continues to dry out and will eventually crack or tear open, leaving the body vulnerable to bacteria and infection. The best way to get rid of calluses, is to avoid getting them in the first place. 

Nike Alpha Training Grip Review

Nike Workout Grips

Like I said before, there's no denying that Nike makes an awesome gym shoe.  Unfortunately the Nike Alpha Training Grip is nothing more than a piece of rubber with a strap on it.  It's literally the sole of a shoe.  There's little to no flexibility to it.  Because it doesn't stay secure on your hands, it's tough to get a good workout in because your hand is slipping in and out of the grip.  The rubber does protect against friction, so it has that going for it, but it does little to ease hand or grip fatigue.  It's like the sole of a gym shoe without any of the padding.  Imagine running against a hard surface with nothing but a piece of rubber strapped to your foot.  There's nothing more to be said for a Nike Alpha Training grip review other than that. 

GymPaws® original leather weightlifting grips however are everything the Nike Alpha is not.  Genuine cowhide leather covers a slightly padded palm.  Like a pair of good gym shoes, the more you use them, the more they conform to your specific grip.  4 finger loops on the Neoprene backing assure that they'll staying in place, even if you're running from one exercise to another like in a Crossfit WOD or HIIT (high intensity interval training.)

You can get GymPaws® lifting grips right here on the website and check out with your Amazon account, eBay or a credit card, or you can go to the GymPaws® shop on Amazon and view our entire catalog by clicking here.


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