Gloves Don't Workout For Crossfit - Here's Why

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Gloves Don’t Workout For Crossfit

Gloves Don’t Workout For Crossfit

Do you know what a Filthy 50's are?  Or how about Knees To Elbows? If the answer is yes then chance are you've either participated in or have taken a Crossfit class or two.  Both of these are examples of exercises that you might run into in a typical Crossfit WOD. While these HIIT (high intensity interval training) routines may help you melt away some lbs, you'll quickly realize that gloves don't workout for Crossfit classes. 

Gloves Don't Workout For Crossfit

There's nothing all that unique about a Crossfit WOD in that 99% of the movements existed decades before this trademark entered the world's lexicon.  It is really a combination of a series of exercises borrowed from the worlds of gymnastics, power weightlifting, and circuit training. 

2017 Best Crossfit Gloves

In a high intensity interval training workout like Crossfit one of the key factors that keep millions of people coming back for more, is the fact that they do work.  Because there is little rest between each exercise or station, the heart rate stays at an elevated level for a longer period of time.  This can be a great thing for burning fat and losing weight, but it's not the best when you're trying to use hand protection to keep your paws from being torn up. Gloves don't workout for Crossfit most of the time because they are just too damn hot!  Most glove manufacturers add tons of padding and extra material to their products in hope the wearing potential weightlifting novice will find them appealing. The problem if you're one of those who are a serious gymrat is that these do more to annoy you than to help you. 

Gloves Don't Workout For Crossfit

GymPaws® original leather weight lifting grips were designed with sweaty hands in mind!  They don't overheat your hands causing you to have a sweaty grip.  They also don't slip off like traditional grip pads because they have 4 finger loops to help them stay in place.  360 Crossfit named them "the best gym gloves for Crossfit in 2017." btw if you want to learn what are Crossfit Filthy 50's you can read our post here

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