Custom Mens Weight Lifting Gloves

Custom Mens Weight Lifting Gloves

Custom Mens Weight Lifting Gloves

The Best Mens Weight Lifting Gloves aren’t even gloves!  GymPaws® lifting grips have become one of the world’s best selling and top rated alternative to traditional gym gloves.  When it comes to preventing weight lifting calluses and nasty torn up hands from Crossfit, there’s really no better product on the market.  Watch the review video, read the reviews and learn more about the product materials and craftsmanship.

When it comes to ANY gym gloves leather is better, especially when it comes to custom mens weight lifting gloves.Gift for someone who works out

1. GymPaws® Lifting Grips are made from 100% Top Grain Cowhide Leather.  The raw leather is finished using a vegetable oil leather tanning process.  This not only makes the leather more durable and supple, but it also makes them moisture resistant.  Thats right… they’re the only leather gloves you can toss right into the wash machine with your sweaty gym clothes!

2. The Original Leather GymPaws® Weight Lifting Grips have a moisture resistant Neoprene backing that wicks away sweat and moisture.  The absolute best part of these grips however is the 4 finger loops, which actually make them fit like a glove!

Custom Mens Weight Lifting Gloves

Custom Gym Gloves by GymPaws

GymPaws® are the perfect gym glove alternative for weight lifting, Crossfit workouts, or just about anything you can think of where you’d like to protect your hands from calluses and maintain a more comfortable grip!

Custom Gym Gloves can be expensive, but with minimum order quantities you can get custom GymPaws® produced with your company or Brand logo!

There’s no better way to welcome new clients to your gym or your personal training program than with a cool fitness gift that they will actually use!

GymPaws® are unisex which means they fit both men and women, and they are available in a ton of cool colors and designs… all made with the same top notch craftsmanship and materials you’d expect from GymPaws Inc!  Custom Mens Weight Lifting Gloves are only a click away.  Contact us now!

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