Gym Gloves Review

GymPaws vs Gripad – Compare Material and Functionality

Gym Gloves Review

GymPaws vs Gripad is a question often asked or searched for by weightlifting and Crossfit fans. There are a lot of options when you're searching and ready to buy gym gloves online.  Here is a breakdown of the key features of each of these weight lifting grips including customer reviews and videos. 

GymPaws vs Gripad

Material – GymPaws® are the Original LEATHER Weightlifting Grips.  It's been said that imitation is the best form of flattery, and that certainly is the case when it comes to exercise and fitness gear.  Many manufacturers are actually not interested in producing high quality fitness products, rather they add items to their inventory that they feel would be highly profitable.  You'll find that most of these guys sell everything from apple corers to zebra pillows.  Whatever sells, they make money on. 

Here at GymPaws Inc we're a small team of Certified Personal Trainers, Weightlifting enthusiasts, Exercise Physiologists, athletes, and health and fitness professionals. We make our products because WE USE our products.  For decades leather has been the industry standard for everything from tennis shoes to gym gloves and weightlifting grips.  The reason is because leather is simply the most durable and natural material.  Why change a good thing!

You'll find with some grip pads that they are made from a synthetic rubbery material. Those that are new to Crossfit WOD or weight training think that if their hands "stick" to a pull ups bar or the metal of a dumbbell, then they have more control over the movement or they feel more confident performing the exercise.  Unfortunately, when it comes to Kinesiology, this simply isn't true. 

Your hands should move freely around and independent of the weight, not stick to it.  This causes you to compromise your form and increase the likelihood for injuries. There is really no comparison from GymPaws vs Gripad because GymPaws are far more superior.  The natural genuine cowhide leather allows your hands to naturally rotate around the bar without inhibiting movement. 

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GymPaws vs Gripad Comparison

4 Finger Loops – The last time we checked, we all had 4 fingers!  Why in the world then would any "fitness product" manufacturers produce weightlifting grips with 2 or 3 finger loops?!  That's silly.  We designed the back of GymPaws Grips with military-grade Neoprene and four finger loops.  To put it most simply, they fit like a gym glove without all the extra material and bulk.