Gym Gloves for Men

Gym Gloves For Men – The Best and The Rest

Gym Gloves for MenGym Gloves for Men – what’s all the hype about?  There are literally thousands of options and probably just as many uses.  So how do you know what to look for especially when you’re buying gym gloves online?  Let’s start with some common exercises and what benefits you may get.

Gym Gloves for Men

Bicep Curls

You think it’s pretty simple right?  Grab a dumbbell or barbell and do a curl?  No so fast my little meat head friends.  You may not realize that your grip plays an important part of doing most exercises in the gym – even those as simple as a bicep curl.  Without a firm grip on the dumbbell you risk wrist and hand fatigue.  This may sound trivial, but if you’re tiny little muscle groups are fatiging faster than the actual muscle group you’re training you’re not going to get a good workout.  Those calluses on your hands are actually a medical condition called Callosity and it’s your bodies natural response to excess pressure and fatique.  Gym gloves for men or women for that matter can eliminate the growth of calluses.

Bodyweight Exercises

This is where a good pair of gym gloves makes the difference between the men and boys.   Bodyweight exercises like Chin Ups and Pull Ups seem about as simple as the biceps curl right?  Afterall we’ve been doing these exercises since we were kids in gym class.   Pay attention to your hands when doing pull ups or chin ups.  They are supposed to rotate naturally around the bar, not adhere to them.  There’s a reason why gymnasts use hand taping and chalk during their workouts and competition.  Part of the exercise physiology of properly executing these exercises actually requires your hands to move.  Using lifting grips or gym gloves that have a tacky or sticky surface inhibit movement of the hands and ultimately throws off your form.

Bottom Line:  Leather is Better

GymPaws® Gym Gloves for Men are made from Real Leather.  This not only allows your hands to rotate naturally around the bar or weight ( like with bodyweight exercises ) but it is the most durable material for working out.  You wouldn’t workout in a pair of gym shoes made from rubber and you shouldn’t be choosing the same crappy material for your gym gloves either.