Mens Workout Gloves Amazon

Mens Workout Gloves Amazon

Let's assume that you're searching Amazon for new gym gear or something to add to your home exercise equipment arsenal. There are literally millions of items to choose from. In the #22 in Sports & Outdoors > Sports & Fitness > Exercise & Fitness > Accessories > Gloves category alone there are 10's of thousands. So which are the best Mens Workout Gloves Amazon for 2017? We're glad you asked.

Mens Workout Gloves Amazon Best of 2017

It's no surprise that we're going to boast about the Original Leather Weight Lifting Grips by GymPaws®. When we launched our product 4 years ago, it quickly became the go to gym glove for weightlifting, Crossfit, pull ups, and just about any workout you could do in or our of the gym.  The reason is just about as simple as the gloves themselves. 

First of all, they are really gloves and they aren't really weight lifting grips.  They are a slightly padded genuine leather palm that fits tightly in the palm of your hand act as a barrier between your skin and the dumbbell or kettlebell or pull ups bar.

2017 Best Mens Workout Gloves

Secondly the 4 finger loops on the back keep them in place so they fit like an actual glove.

The advantage obviously is that unlike all the other Mens Workout Gloves Amazon 2017 you avoid the excess bulky material that are the reason most people don't like using gym gloves in the first place. No to mention that rubbery grip pads that are available which are sometimes used by bodybuilders, stick to the metal which inhibits your hands from the natural rotation needed when performing any exercise.  This obviously can lead to hand or wrist injury or worse. 

Look at gymnasts for example.  If they use any hand protection for the rings or Pommel Horse it's likely a combination of chalk and hand taping.  This is to allow their hands to rotate freely while still gripping a surface.  Most people aren't going to go to this much trouble so they look for a pair of gloves.  Too much padding, and you won't feel the bar.  If the gloves "stick" to the bar, you inhibit hand rotation.  That's why The American Institute of Exercise Science (AIES) recommended GymPaws® Original Weight Lifting Grips for the 4th year in a row!

They are unisex in size, color, and design.  If you have larger fingers, the Neoprene finger loops naturally stretch to fit.