2016 Millennial Gloves #instafit

Instafit Gym Gloves For Millennials

2016 Millennial Gloves #instafit

Shut off your Pokemon One, close out Instragram and take a look in the mirror.  Instafit gym gloves for millennials are right here in front of your face.  It's time to do some work on the muscles in the rest of your body, not just your hands. 

Instafit Gym Gloves for Millennials

In 2016 how many of you have a regular weight training routine or do any weightlifting at all?  Ever heard of a Crossfit WOD?  Taking a walk around the block and doing a few pushups would suffice at this point.  Yea we're talking to you millennials!  Part of what makes you so endearing to everyone is also what makes you a little annoying to be honest.  Like a baby deer that's only a few hours, desperately trying to use those long legs and coordinate it's motor skills to walk.  The millennials of these #instafit days don't seem to want to put the work into getting what they want, but rather sit on their gluteus maximus and expect it to come to them. No social media app or fitness hashtag is gonna keep you from getting a spare tire or saddle bags. There is no instafit.   Make an exercise and fitness program part of your lifestyle today, while you still have genetics on your side. 

That gym membership you've had since 2009 is great.  Think about how many of the 168 hours of the week you've actually spent there.  Now compare it to the amount of time you spend mindless staring into your cell phones.  It's time to dust off that gym bag, lace up those shoes, grab some lifting grips and start working out some muscles other than your hands and eyes!