Workout Gym Grips That Don’t Suck – Gloves Alternative

Workout gym grips are a dime a dozen, especialy if you buy online on shopping sites like Amazon.  Unfortunately most of those exercise and fitness manufacturers spend about that much money producing those gym grips… a couple dimes.  GymPaws are the Original alternative to traditional workout gloves, and they are still the only ones that are made from 100% genuine cowhide leather.

Workout Gym Grips

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Studies show that the majority of people spend about 60% of their time at the gym doing cardio.  Think about that…. a little over 200 calories AN HOUR are burned walking at a normal pace.  Let’s say you do that hour of cardio time jogging and you burn maybe 150 calories more.  All that time, to burn 350 calories or the equivalent of one cocktail.  However, if you spent that same hour on a heavy weightlifting workout at the gym, if done consistently you’d end up burning that same 350 calories naturally throughout the day.  Muscle burns energy, bodyfat does not.

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Workout gym grips are not intended to help you lift more weight. That’s impossible. You don’t physically get stronger.  They can give you edge to train harder however.  If you’ve ever noticed someone doing deadlifts in the weight room, you may have seen them using weightlifting straps. The concept of a weightlifting strap is not to take the place of a gym glove or to help you prevent callouses.  Weightlifting straps when used properly for a workout, temporarily transfer some of the weight workout load from the grip to the forearms.  That’s why you will see serious bodybuilding weightlifting guys using straps.

Workout gloves will not increase your muscular grip strength but they will ease hand fatigue.  If you are one of millions who suffer from sweaty hands, the added bonus is the glove can wick away sweat and moisute.

You can get a pair of GymPaws on Amazon at or you can get them right here using our secure website.  Credit card via Authorize dot net or Paypal and you can even use your Amazon account to checkout.