Animal Print Weight Lifting Gloves

Animal Print Weight Lifting Gloves

Animal Print Weight Lifting Gloves - Grip Power PadsSometimes you’re the Predator and sometimes you’re the Prey!  Animal Print Weight Lifting Gloves by GymPaws®  g loves are unlike anything else you’ve ever tried!

While you can certainly use workout gloves for any exercises, they’re definitely a fitness necessity for Pulling Exercises because they require greater grip strength. 

Top 4 Pulling Exercises

1. Pull ups and Chin ups – GymPaws are already the best selling gym gloves for pull ups and chin ups.  Remember when using pull ups gloves that you want your hands to be able to naturlaly rotate around the bar versus sticking to it.

You can modify pull ups to change the difficulty by changing your grip.  FYI when using a Pronated Grip, your hands face away from you.  This is actually a chin up.  When you’re using a Supinated Grip you’re doing a pull up.

2. Deadlifts – Rack pulls, Byond the Range, Conventional Deadlifts and Kettlebell Sumo Deadlifts are just a few of the variations of this exercise.

3. Bent over rows and seated rows – Any rowing exercise requires a phenomenal grip, and it’s an awesome exercise to use your new animal print weight lifting gloves.

4. Face pulls – These are a great rear deltoid exercise.  You can do it by using the triceps pull down rope set on a cable machine to shoulder hieght.  Pull towards your face focusing on the rear delts.

Animal Print Weight Lifting Gloves

GymPaws® are actually a Leather Lifitng Grip that fit like a glove thanks to the 4 finger loop backing.

They’re Hydrophobic which is just a fancy way of saying moisture resistant.

You can even toss your GymPaws® right into the wash machine and dryer along with those sweaty smelling gym clothes.

Animal Print Weight Lifting Gloves

Not only are GymPaws® one of the best weight lifting gloves, now you can checkout on the GymPaws website using your Amazon account!  If you don’t have one, don’t worry you can check out using PayPal or any major credit card.

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