Leather Hand Pads For Gym

Leather Hand Pads for Gym

Leather Hand Pads For Gym

Weightlifting can do a number on your hands.  While some may still be debating whether or not wearing weight lifting gloves is beneficial or not, they’re pretty much just blowin hot air.  Leather Hand Pads for Gym can reduce callus causing friction (which is actually a medical condition), and they will enhance grip.  Here’s what you need to know before you buy online.

Buying Gym Gloves Online

Pay attention to the written descriptions more so than the pictures!  Sites like Amazon make is super easy to buy with one click, and if you’ve noticed, there is minimal information listed on your mobile screen compared to what you’d see on the desktop.  Pics that show the product being used are especially misleading because most manufacturers use sub par materials that would never hold up to grueling workouts.

REAL CUSTOMER REVIEWS count!  Look for customer reviews that tell you what they actually used them for.  Despite the crackdowns recently, a lot of manufactuers still pay people to leave reviews.  When you’re buying leather hands pads for gym you want something that is actually going to work.  You can tell by the veriage if the reviewer actually is into working out or weightlifting or crossfit for that matter!

Leather Hand Pads For Gym

Skip the rubber grip pads and “power pads!”  They’re no different LITERALLY than the mouse pad on your desk. You want a big back? Get grips that actually work!

The GymPaws Gym Gloves team is comprised of Certified Personal Trainers, Exercise Physiologists, Fitness and Sport Specific trainers and athletes.  We make products for performance over profit.  Here’s why GymPaws Leather Hand Pads for Gym are better than the rest.

  1. Real leather is real better.
  2. 4 Finger loops keep them in place.  They FIT like a gym glove.
  3. Military-grade Neoprene is used.  If it’s good enough for the Navy, it’s good enough for the weight lifting room!
  4. Militay-grade tensile strength thread keeps these hand pads together even through the toughest workouts.  You won’t need to buy them in bulk like the cheap rubber ones that fall apart.
  5. Unisex size and minimalist compact design. They fit in the palm of your hands.

Leather Hand Pads For Gym

When To Use Hand Pads

  • Weightlifting. Deadlifts, Lat Pull Downs, Biceps Workouts, Chest Press… anytime your hand comes in contact with a metal bar you risk developing calluses.  They are NOT a badge of honor, they’re a medical condition called Callousity!
  • Bodyweight Exercises.  Pull ups are a BIG one.  Gloves for pull ups really don’t exist.  You need something to ease hand fatigue and enhance your grip without getting in the way.
  • Crossfit, HIIT, Circuit training.  When you’re moving quickly from one exercise to the next, you don’t have time to keep pulling your grip pads out of your pocket.  Not to mention if you have sweaty hands you don’t want a big bulky glove making your hands even more hot.